SINCE time immemorial, when national leaders, particularly the President and the Vice President, delivered initial inaugural addresses that, most often, captured the attention and interest of audiences, the ordinary citizens.

Thus, they sat there at the inauguration sites beholden to the speeches of incoming leaders, initially not doubting them but anchored on these speeches their dreams and plans.

We've heard one-liners from previous presidents like Joseph Estrada: Walang mahirap, pag walang corrupt; PNoy: Bawal ang wang wang to Duterte's: I hate drugs, but these all have been for naught. We are in the same very sorry state now and we're hoping that this incoming President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., will bring doable programs for the country. He said: we shall unite to achieve these goals. Kaya?

And speaking of PBBM, can he make good his boast that he will bring down the price of a kilo of rice to P20? And what about the fuel and gas prices, which spiral daily prompting public utility drivers to quit and look for sources of income somewhere?

At least PBBM is taking the bold move of heading the Department of Agriculture just so he could monitor closely the activities, programs and projects of this shaky department. Let us give him the chance to improve this department for some time.


At the inauguration of Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio, she enjoined all Filipinos to love the country and do things beneficial to it.

She argued that one cannot go wrong if he or she loves the country sincerely and faithfully and encourages others to do the same.

I just hope VP Sara who will next lead the Department of Education vice Leonor Briones will do earth-shaling moves to improve the system of education in our country so that our studnts will compete better with the best of the world.


I caught the interview of Senator Sherwin Gatchalian over ANC television and he talked about the legislation needed to shield the public transport sector from the soaring oil prices. He said we need to prepare for the long term and not be content with short-lived or band-aid solutions for our problems. Other senators should think the same way. Naman!