LECHON is one of the main staples offered in Cebu, and Ayer’s Lechon is one of the well-known brands in the city that Cebuanos trust when it comes to their lechon cravings. And now, Ayer’s Lechon has become more accessible with its new branch in I.T. Park!

Back then, Ayer’s Lechon used to be a food stall located in I.T. Park, but after a much-needed upgrade, it decided to reopen as a restaurant instead. It is now located in the Asiatown building in I.T. Park, and is open 24/7 to ensure no one goes ‘lechon-less’ for even a second.

This marks Ayer’s Lechon’s 11th branch in Cebu, and continues the tradition of being able to produce one whole lechon in as little as four hours to its customers. While there are no Ayer’s Lechon branches in Manila yet, the brand does plan to expand soon.

Meanwhile, it offers door-to-door deliveries from Cebu to Manila. Customers in Manila can order via Ayer’s Lechon’s social media pages or contact numbers to arrange a lechon delivery. Alternatively, customers can also opt for airport pickup if it’s more convenient for them.

There are a few things that make Ayer’s Lechon stand out, and that’s why it continues to thrive in Cebu.

Quick service restaurant (QSR)

Ayer’s Lechon is a quick service restaurant, which sets it apart from most lechon specialty restaurants. It’s best for customers who only want a quick value meal instead of the whole fine dining experience.

On top of offering quick-service value meals, Ayer’s also provides “Barkada meal” and “Family meal” packages that are perfect for group meals.

‘Suka’ is key

Ayer’s Lechon has a special vinegar recipé that’s created with a secret ingredient. This is one of its trademark creations, and it prides itself on offering this sauce instead of the usual brands that can be bought from most grocery stores nationwide.

Food fusion

In the pursuit of healthier food options, Ayer’s Lechon has fused Korean food and Filipino food through its “Lechon with Kimchi” and “Korean Ngohiong” menu options. Most customers opt to wrap the lechon in kimchi, which provides a surprisingly fresh gastronomic experience.

Other than these international flavors colliding, Ayers also isn’t afraid to bring up some nationwide recipés such as “Paksiw Bisaya” and “Paksiw Tagalog.” SPONSORED CONTENT.