What is a Family? In school, we were taught that it’s the basic unit of society. It’s where we first learn our values and differentiate what’s right from not, a person’s core and foundation. Here we find refuge, strength, and belongingness. With our family, we will always feel safe.

But fate gives long-lost sisters Violet and Samantha a different scenario about family because where most people find comfort, they have chaos and abuse. Learn about their story in a Vivamax Original Movie by Joel Lamangan, “Biyak” premieres on Vivamax this July 1, 2022.

Violet (Angelica Cervantes) and Samantha (Quinn Carillo) are sisters who grew up in two different worlds after Violet was given up for adoption as a kid. Though given to a wealthy family and lives a comfortable life, Violet suffers its consequences as she experiences constant sexual abuse from her adoptive father.

Wanting to escape this misery, she searches for her real family with the help of her boyfriend, William (Vance Larena). From a fruitful search, she is able to reconnect with her biological mother, and meets her half-sister, Samantha, a tough girl who grew up in the slums and a former drug courier, but is now a police asset and helps police officers like Erwin (Albie Casiño) solve drug-related cases.

Though each grew up with two different lifestyles, the two sisters will find their unusual common ground as both of their worlds revolve around drugs and sexual abuse. Now that they’ve got each other’s back and have the real ones who truly love them, will these two suffering souls finally have a peaceful life and the loving family they deserve?

Starring Angelica Cervantes and Quinn Carillo, who both were a part of hit 2021 Vivamax Original Movies - Silab and Eva, also starring are their knight in shining armors in the movie, Vance Larena, and Albie Casiño. Another movie collaboration from Viva Films and Joel Lamangan is set to be a much-talked-about Vivamax original movie.

Family is everything, and for our family, we will do anything - “Biyak” streams exclusively on Vivamax starting July 1, 2022. PR