MONTHS after its landfall, the devastation brought by Typhoon Odette to most areas in Cebu is still visible. Its aftermath is still felt and remembered by many; homes crumbled to the ground, leaving many without roofs. Despite these circumstances, the bayanihan spirit still hasn’t faltered because there are still plenty of volunteers out there who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Ausland Cebu Construction Inc. partnered with Barangay Apas, Lahug, to provide roof donations to its residents on June 17, 2022. At the same time, it also hosted a job fair to assist residents find a stable means of livelihood in these trying times.

The event’s goal was to garner help and attention for those in need of jobs, and to provide sturdy and reliable roofing equipment and materials to homes. Ausland’s hiring target is between 400 to 450 people, including civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural engineers.

Ausland Cebu’s operations manager, Alan Amante Ramiso, emphasized how the event can be of service to those in need: “It is a given that the Philippines is prone to typhoons every year,” he said, “and as a community, everyone should do their part of helping those who greatly need it.”

He also stated that they don’t have any plans to further expand to other areas in Cebu as they are focused more on doing more community work in Barangay Apas. SPONSORED CONTENT.