LOCAL police in Carcar City arrested a 48-year-old farmer for going amok on Tuesday morning, June 28, 2022, after his wife refused to have sex with him.

Residents of Sitio Danikop, Barangay Guadalupe in Carcar City decided to call the police after Ariel (not his real name) had damaged some of their belongings using his bolo.

Lt. Col. Ardioleto Cabagnot, who heads Carcar City's local police force, told SunStar Cebu that when they arrested Ariel, he was reportedly drunk since Monday.

Ariel even attempted to fight off police officers who were trying to pacify him using his bolo. Cabagnot said they eventually pacified Ariel and recovered his 19-inch bolo.

Cabagnot said that during their interrogation, Ariel admitted to police that he was upset after he and his wife had being arguing on his constant drunkenness.

Their argument further extended when Ariel's wife refused to have sex with him.

"Di man daw ganahan ang asawa niya makigdulog kay permi man hubog. Unya isog kaayo kun mohanyo mao nga di na maka-eskor ni miss," Cabagnot added.

(His wife didn't want to have sex with him as he was often drunk. He doesn't even ask his wife nicely for


His wife's refusal led to Ariel to just pick up his bolo and started going amok not just at his house but also in some of their neighbors' houses.

Ariel's wife also told police that she decided to no longer have sex with her husband as she was "traumatized" by his behavior.

Threats to wife, kids

She claimed that her husband would often threaten to kill her and their children. Ariel has nine children with his wife.

She claimed that Ariel would often sharpen his bolo in front of her and her children, and would utter threats against them if they would disobey him.

Aside from his threats, Ariel's wife didn't want to talk to her husband as he often suspects her of having an affair with another man.

Cabagnot said it will be up to Ariel's wife and children if they will sue the suspect for grave threats.

Local police, however, are set to sue Ariel for violating Batas Pambansa 6 for illegal possession of a bladed weapon and Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code or for disobeying those in authority.