AS ELECTED government officials have officially started their term noon of June 30, 2022, a top official of the Catholic Church in Cebu reminded them to be faithful to God and the people.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma told reporters Thursday, June 30, that the people have spoken through their votes and the Church considered this as "God's will."

Now that the newly elected leaders have assumed office, Palma said that being elected is a great honor and privilege but it also goes with responsibility.

The archbishop also reminded the officials, especially those who are serving Cebu, to have a strong faith in God.

"Tungod ang Cebu kay religous kaayo, people have great faith. Dapat ang mga officers should be people who have faith and therefore they should be prayerful," said Palma.

Palma also said that leaders should be mindful that they are public servants since they were selected by the people.

The prelate added that the elected officials should be aware of the dreams and aspirations of those they serve.

"Dapat sayod kita sa pangandoy. The hopes and dreams of the people. You are the leaders of the people, you should know their pangandoy," said Palma.

Palma also assured the elected officials that the Church will be there to support them as long as it is for the goodness of the society.

"We journey with you, basta maayo, kuyog mi. Basta maayo lang. All that brings hope, joy, and peace," he said.

Palma celebrated the Holy Mass for the inauguration of Mayor Michael Rama and other Cebu City officials at the Plaza Sugbo on Thursday, June 30, 2022.