YAW-YAN Ardigma Cebu kicked off the second batch of the Yaw-Yan Summer Clinic last Tuesday, June 26, 2022, at the Yaw-Yan Ardigma Gym at the 4th floor of the Coast Pacific Downtown Center in Sanciangko Street, Cebu City.

The Summer Clinic, themed “Kabataan Iwas Droga”, offers the following courses: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Arnis/Eskrima, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and Yaw-Yan Combat Self Defense. Enrollment for the second batch of the Summer Clinic is still ongoing. Students will be training under the guidance of Yaw-Yan Ardigma Cebu founder and chief executive officer Master Benigno “Ekin” Caniga Jr., who’s considered as the father of Cebu MMA.

Yaw-Yan Ardigma Cebu is one of Cebu’s top MMA gyms. Caniga Jr. is the pioneer of Cebu MMA and developed elite MMA talent that have fought in the country and Asia’s biggest MMA organizations, the likes of ONE Championship and URCC.

Yaw-Yan Ardigma is known as “Arnis Pandigma” or what the late Grandmaster Napoleon “Nap” Fernandez, the Yaw-Yan creator, called “furykane”. The Ardigma movements are patterened on arnis stick. Ardigma is one of the three major Yaw-Yan revisions by Fernandez.

Yaw-Yan Ardigma Cebu just recently opened to the public after closing down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.