CEBU City’s hosting of the upcoming Palarong Pambansa Boxing VisMin Cup could become the model of future Palarong Pambansa events if ever the outcomr will be successful.

“If this will be successful, it’s going to be part of our recommendation and format for our future tournaments,” Director of Palarong Pambansa Secretariat Joel Erestain said in a Zoom meeting on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

With the Covid-19 virus still lurking around, Erestain could make Cebu City’s hosting a model for the new normal in huge multi-sporting events like the Palarong Pambansa.

“This competition would help us decide to retweak future events. The virus still here and we have limited face-to-face competion. It could become the new norm. Safety and health of the athletes is always the primordial concern. That’s the priority of the LGU,” said Erestain.

The Palarong Pambansa Boxing VisMin Cup will be on July 12 to 15 at the Cebu City Sports Center.

Around 80 boxers from eight elite teams from Visayas and Mindanao are competing in eight different classifications.

The teams that will be participating in the boxing tournament are Cebu City, Cebu Province, Cebu North, Davao Region, Cagayan De Oro City, Negros Occidental, Iloilo City and Ormoc City.

Before the tournament, three-star judge and referee Ludy Ceriales will be conducting a national boxing refresher course on July 10 and 11.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Sara Duterte-Carpio is set to grace the opening of the boxing tournament on July 12.

“As far back as a month ago we had a letter of request to formally invite the vice-president elect. We actually knew the plans a month ago. This an honor in behalf of Cebu. We are excited for this added responsibility and we are up for the challenge,” Cebu City Sports Commission Commissioner John Pages said.