AGAIN, this warning on famine soon. And the warning comes not only from Catholic mystics.

Only recently, Peter Sands, executive director of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria told Agence France-Presse that the global food crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine “will kill millions by leaving the hungriest more vulnerable to infectious diseases, potentially triggering the world’s next health catastrophe.”

AFP quoted him as saying that “a Russian naval blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports has stopped grain shipments from the world’s fourth-largest exporter of wheat and corn, raising the specter of shortages and hunger in low-income countries.”

“The knock-on effects of the food shortages mean many will die not only of starvation but from having weaker defenses against infectious diseases due to bad nutrition,” Sands also said.

He noted that “we’ve probably already begun our next health crisis. It’s not a new pathogen, but it means people who are poorly nourished will be more vulnerable to the existing diseases.”

“I think the combined impact of infectious diseases and the food shortages and the energy crisis... we can be talking about millions of extra deaths because of this,” Sands added.

And then there’s also YouTubeE celebrity Dr. John Campbell, author of thick nursing textbooks used in prominent medical schools, has come out with a video (his YouTube channel bears his name) citing scientific evidence that famine is coming....this year, 2022. With only five more months remaining, will the coming Christmas be famished?

This reminds us of what OUr Lord Jesus recently told mystic Manuela Strack of the parish of Sievernich in Germany, who had been helped by then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) to deliver to PopeJohn Paul II some of the messages she had received from Heaven. Recall the recent message of Our Lord:

“I must allow a great test to come your way this year. Pray, pray with all nations! Pray for the Eternal Father’s mercy! This is your way out, your salvation.” Is the great test famine, or some other events also prophesied in the recent months and years by Catholic mystics?

In Canada, mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue, who is reported to receive regular messages from the three persons of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother and some other saints, said in March 2020 as follows: "...There will be famine. Jesus presented this to me just recently. I was in my room, and when I sat down, preparing to go to bed, I saw a black cavalier coming. This means famine. I heard, ‘They will have money, but they will have no bread,’ which means that you can have money to buy it, but you will find nothing.

"Then all money will crash, so it is good to give your money away now, as it will disappear. There will be a great uprising. You will see revolution in your streets. People will fight each other openly. The government will have no other choice than to institute martial law. At the same time that martial law begins, so will the war, “ the priest added.

Recall, too, the message of Our Lord Jesus to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 2, 2022, as follows:

“My beloved, famine is advancing without your being warned about it.Scarcity has already reached some countries and even so My Calls are still scorned. With famine, humanity will be stirred up by being deprived of what is necessary and revolts will break out from country to country like a plague.”

With Covid 19 restrictions being eased worldwide, earthlings are not only rushing back to the “normal” but building up on it. The pandemic certainly allowed TikTok to flourish (its videos evidently creating a venue for licentiousness), “prestigious” beauty contests are ramping up even more scantily clad women for the “honor” of winning, civil unrest is boiling up in the US in favor of women’s “rights” to abort babies, etc. No, the pandemic was not enough to sustain whatever spiritual conversion it led to.

This break from two years of pandemic fetter was apparently meant for mankind to brace for a succession of apocalyptic events. Thus said Fr. Michel at the height of the Covid 19 scourge in 2020, as he wrote as follows:

"....After this period of compulsory confinement (due to Covid 19 pandemic), life will resume its course. The summer period will open a window of time where we will be able to prepare well for the coming test ... that of being with Jesus on the Cross. We cannot see the Glorious Cross without encountering the cross with Jesus.

"You must now consecrate your house or apartment to the Eternal Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary if you have not done so. We must regularly bless our places, our homes, with exorcised holy water. During this summer, you need to prepare a food supply for a period of three months, with drinking water, too. You will need to have made your general confession before fall. The prayer of the Holy Rosary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, and that of your guardian angels will be your comfort, your strength, your protection."

Meanwhile, messages from Heaven continue to pour. On June 23, 2022, St. Michael the Archangel told stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla:

“Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Receive from he Sacred Hearts blessing and fortitude for those who wish to accept them.

“A great part of humanity remains inert in the light of the Calls of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. These Calls will regain value in human memory when the events which have been enumerated unfold one after the other in front of humanity.

“Humanity’s disobedience is the weapon of the devil with which he succeeds in making man rise up against the Most Holy Trinity.

“In these times, disobedience will be almost total. Man does not wish to be subject to anything and proclaims his free will, leading him to sink into his vanity, pride and liberalism.

“I have to tell you that whoever does not change their works and actions in the direction of fraternity will fall prey to darkness. Pride, selfishness, arrogance and superiority are small tentacles with which the Devil is causing excessive damage and I, as Prince of the Armies of Heaven, will not allow the People of My King and Lord Jesus Christ to be undermined.

“The Holy Spirit pours out His gifts and virtues on the humble so that they could preach the Word, not on the proud so that they would exalt their free will.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the day of prayer that I requested of you has reached the Paternal Throne like precious incense. I must share with you that each day of prayer has been completely pleasing to God and has succeeded in attenuating to some extent the great earthquake that humanity is going to suffer.

‘Without wishing to upset you, I must tell you that the coming events will occur one after another without respite. Earthquakes will be of greater intensity, causing the earth to lose its compact state and high mountains to collapse.

“People of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the country represented by the bear will react unexpectedly, causing the world to remain anxious, and making some countries react hastily.

“When you hear an unknown rumbling, do not leave your homes or places where you are; do not leave until you receive orders to move. If a strong and unknown glow appears, do not look at it; on the contrary, keep your head to the ground and do not look until the glow disappears, and do not move from the place where you are.

“Store food inside your homes, without forgetting water, blessed grapes, the sacramentals and what is necessary for the small altar that at a certain moment you were asked to prepare in your homes.

“Attention, beloved People of God, attention. Remain attentive to the persistence of evil that wants to make you fall. Do not succumb!

“I defend you with My Sword. Do not fear.” (End of quote.)

As mostly materialistic mankind attempts to return to pre-pandemic ways, it would be important for those to are keeping faith (but will be intensely tried in the trials to come) to keep in mind what the Blessed Mother told mystic Pedro Regis on May 21, 2022 as follows:

“Do not forget: Heaven must be your goal. My Lord has prepared for His Elect what human eyes have never seen.”