Victorias City Mayor Javier Miguel "Javi" Benitez said Wednesday, June 29, that his administration will focus on the six-point agenda which he presented during his campaign.

Benitez, during his inaugural address at the city’s Sports and Cultural Center, said his administration will give priority to dignified human settlement that would be affordable for ordinary Victoriahanons.

"But it would be a decent house in a settlement with basic services like water and electricity,” he said.

What is important is they will make their people and barangays disaster resilient and the city government is ready in case of calamities, Benitez also said.

The actor-turned-politician said he will strengthen the local economy by opening an alternative livelihood, which is important in the recovery of the city’s economy from a pre-pandemic state.

Under his administration, Benitez vowed that he will try to be responsive to the needs of the people while maintaining transparency in government.

He also assumed that they would give priority to education, which is a long-term investment for a bright young future.

Health is also a priority of Benitez’s administration as he pledged to have a participative government that is open to all the people of Victorias City.

“The success of this administration would not be based on the voice of the few but based on the united voice of the people of Victorias," he stressed.

"I won’t let you down... my youth will be my strength rather than my weakness," Benitez, who is the youngest mayor in the province, also emphasized.

The 27-year-old mayor urged his constituents to welcome a brighter future for Victorias.*