Life has been very interesting since I quit the stressful world of the newsroom and found more learning outside the world of journalism and has been constantly asking: Why didn’t I know this before? Life would’ve been easier.

But that’s life. You find lessons in every twist and turns, but only if you are mindful of how the world is working around you.

Just as I journeyed through a different but not separate path, I experienced what is really meant by the adage: When the student is ready, the teacher will come. For indeed, when a student is not ready, no amount of talking or demonstrating will make a mark. But you keep on anyway, as among the crowd there could be one and that single person can make the difference.

Now comes an opportunity to bring the present life learnings to the past life realities and I say, why indeed not? It should be interesting to see.

Which brings me to an endeavor I embarked on along with some fellow Pranic Healers in April and continue to do until today.

Every Monday since April 18, 2020, I’ve been going to the Davao City Female Jail not just for our partnership with 20 persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) to make the Healing Hearts Bears (crocheted and blessed teddy bears) for children with cancer at the Southern Philippines Medical Center. The more interesting part of the Monday visits is the Meditation on Twin Hearts that we conduct with them.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a guided meditation created by Pranic Healing founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS). That is his spiritual name. The name he was baptized with is Samson Choachuy, who incidentally was a Cebuano. It’s a very simple and short meditation that somehow shows the depths GMCKS has studied esoteric teachings and the spiritual world. Taking just half an hour, the meditation brings benefits we have been enjoying since entering the Pranic Healing School. It is at the very foundation of the Pranic Healing teachings. We know how simple and powerful it is for ourselves, the practitioners, but it’s more awesome hearing it from the PDLs themselves.

As we are making a documentary of the Healing Hearts Bears, we asked five PDLs to share with us their experience in making the bears and in doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH). The five have similar observations about MTH. They have gained better control of their emotions and temper. One said she was hot-tempered before and could easily be triggered, another said she is less emotional, another said she has become slow to anger. All five said they feel lighter. I can’t help but wonder what else is happening in their bodies and consciousness that they are ot yet aware of.

Described as a spiritual shower, that cleanses and energizes a person’s aura, regular practice of MTH brings clarity of mind and higher level of awareness, stability of emotions, higher intelligence, and material and spiritual prosperity. But, as we always say, “Do not believe me, experiment.”

Suffice it to say, MTH played a key role in helping Sun.Star Davao weather through the dire financial straits brought about by the pandemic. By the way, we brought in MTH to the Davao City Jail to help clean the energies within. Do not believe me... ask them.