FERDINAND R. Marcos, Jr., aka Bong Bong Marcos was sworn into office last Thursday. It was marked with a simple ceremony and traditions minus the pompous and usual activities in some state ocassions.

The nation and some countries have keenly watched the assumption of the son of former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr, who for the longest time in history, had likewise served as the president of the Philippines.

The older Marcos had some supporters and critics too amid allegations of massive corruption and ill-gotten wealth, putting the country in huge foreign debts. On the other hand, he was praised for various programs and projects that do exist until now.

The Marcos family have been criticized after the older ruler was deposed. They then stayed in Hawaii for an exile. There the strongman met his demise and later on the Marcos family were allowed to return to the country.

The Marcoses are now again in Malacañang with the younger Marcos, after serving several political positions with the recent as Senator of the republic is now the highest leader of land, having been elected as President too.

Call it destiny or a twist of fate, a few Presidents of the country have produced sons or daughters who have been elected to the presidency too. Tita Cory had Noynoy, Apung Dadong had GMA and now Ferdie has his Junior in the palace.

During his inaugural speech, President Marcos did not gave much rethorics. His was simple and does not contain any flowery statements but with much hope that this nation shall be great again. His message is humble, reflecting his humility that offers peace to all Filipinos.

Also in his speech, is his administration's preparation for a comprehensive, all-inclusive economic transformation plan that aims to build back better as we reel from the worsening economic crisis and the pandemic.

His address contains his thrust on agriculture, food sufficiency and infrastructure. What struck me most is his move against pollution and climate change that he vowed to help in findimg solutions.

As his constituents now, we are much hopeful on the revival of the economy and the solutions to other problems of the land. His first few months would indeed be crucial and challenging while he is still on the honeymoon stage. Lets wish him good luck.


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