THE three members of "Salisi gang" who were arrested by Sawang Calero police on Saturday evening, June 25, 2022, for victimizing a dried fish stall owner in Taboan Public Market in Cebu City have been charged with theft by the Sawang Calero police.

Police Major Eraño Regidor, chief of Sawang Calero Police Station 6, said they already submitted the papers to the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office.

The three "Salisi gang" members identified as Mark Anthony Tabjan Rosales, 31; Macmac Garcia Mendoza, 32; and Rovilyn Tabjan Rosales, 40, all residents of Kagitingan, Tondo, Manila, were nabbed after they allegedly duped dried fish stall seller Maria Luz Matara, 45, at the Taboan Public Market, of her earnings worth around P348,000 that she kept in her shoulder bag.

Regidor said there were already several individuals who visited their police station, claiming that they too were victimized by the group and that they were also willing to file charges against the suspects.

"Someone came here and we advised them to file a case against the suspects," said Regidor.

Regidor added that the suspects are indeed members of a big syndicate because they could easily get a lawyer and pay their bail in court.

“Dako ni nga grupo kay dako man sila'g income (from swindling). Sindikato man ni. Organized ni, dili kay sila ra ni, daghan man ning grupoha, naay financier, naay mobayad og pyansa. Ang ako ganing nadunggan, cash bail gani dili surety,” according to Regidor.

(It's a big group because they have a big income (from swindling), it's a syndicate, an organized one, because aside from them (3 suspects) there are a lot of groups. They have financier who will pay the bail. I've even heard of cash bail and not surety.)

Regidor did not believe that the group has local contacts in Cebu, whom he said they will also try to establish. (AYB, BBT, TPT)