“Great vibes, great food, great sports,” is the motto the First 5 Sports Lounge & Café lives by. This sports lounge is one of the best Cebu has to offer, and here’s a list of the first five things you should check out when you drop by First 5.

The great food (and extra spicy hot sauce)

The First 5 Sports Lounge & Café offers a diverse menu of great food choices. In fact, one of the specials customers love ordering for “pulutan” or bar chows is the First 5’s crispy pig’s ears,” which tastes amazing, especially when paired with the First 5’s extra spicy hot sauce. If you’re a lover of spicy food, you may have just met your match.

The family-friendly fun

While most sports bars go for a more risqué approach to their staff’s uniforms, First 5’s staff wears custom-made black-and-white shirts that help them stand out from the crowd—and references the traditional referee’s outfit.

This was one of the changes Christopher and First 5 general manager Justin Ramas brought to the establishment upon its reopening. Establishing itself as a family-friendly sports lounge makes it a great place for hanging out with the people you care about.

The Jordan clock

The Jordan clock is perhaps the most iconic sight found at First 5. It is a fully-functioning clock that uses original Air Jordan shoes to tell the time—from Air Jordan I to Air Jordan XII.

This collection of Air Jordan shoes was donated to First 5 by none other than its chief executive officer and president, Christopher Yu, who admits that he has another Jordan clock at his house made up of the left pairs of the shoes displayed at the First 5.

The sports references

It wouldn’t be a sports bar without a handful of sports references in its décor, and the First 5 doesn’t disappoint. From original and signed jerseys to action figures and other sports memorabilia, you can really tell that the staff at the First 5 knows its stuff, especially when you see its most prominent work of art: The floor-to-ceiling mural of renowned sports personalities around the world.

Most of the memorabilia displayed at the First 5 comes from Christopher Yu’s personal collection. He says his wife jokes around about how he turned the sports bar into his own personal “man cave.”

The camaraderie

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, it’s easy to get swept up by the electrifying rush of a crowd as they rally for their team. The First 5 has been witness to several live sporting events that streamed through its screens, and the results have always been the same: camaraderie.

Despite the concept of opposing teams in sports, the First 5 Sports Lounge & Café provides a venue for sports fans and enthusiasts alike to come together and be united within its walls. S