It takes two to tango, but it takes a large staff to keep a hotel up and running for five years—and counting! The Mezzo Hotel celebrated its fifth anniversary with a gala dinner at its Milan ballroom on May 30. True to its theme, the staff wore vibrant formalwear that effectively “colored the space.”

During the event, it also awarded prominent members of its staff and wholeheartedly thanked its sponsors and associates for their continuous support by presenting a coffee book entitled “Cinque: Five Years of Making it Mezzo.”

The book contains a collection of the hotel’s greatest achievements, dating all the way back to its humble beginnings in 2017. Back then, Mezzo had already envisioned itself to be the hotel of choice for its guests and associates—a hotel that’s always the first on everyone’s minds.

Five years later, Mezzo continues its efforts to achieve this vision and remains a firm provider of excellent service, and seeks to rise against all odds. Although the pandemic and the onslaught of Typhoon Odette threatened the industry, Mezzo did its best to provide its staff with a stable job so they could continue supporting their families.

And that act of gratitude has rippled into a tidal wave of love and appreciation from the staff at Mezzo. It’s one thing to love doing your job, and another to love what you are doing. From the bottom of their hearts, the staff thanked Mezzo, and graciously accepted their awards for service.

Mezzo truly is a hotel with a heart because it also strives to interact with its community to thank it for its support: “We’ve taken a more conscious effort towards helping our community grow,” Mezzo Hotel president Shannen Tan said. “We’ve partnered with Barangay Mabolo for a sustainable, year-long project.”

The project includes monthly activities that start in June 2022. Each activity is designed to engage with the community and provide much-needed services and courses that will be beneficial to its residents. These activities include Commercial Cooking, a Career Success program, an Electrical Wiring course, and Wellness training.

As the Mezzo Hotel hits five years of service, only one question remains: What else does it have in store? (PR).