Throughout my professional journey, there were a lot of changes to my way of thinking. There was a time in my life where I thought “I don’t mind staying as an Event Manager,” and I saw nothing wrong with it at that time. This was an issue because this sense of contentment that I had was actually complacency, which hindered my growth and progress.

Contentment is not a bad thing. In fact, being happy with how far one has gone is definitely the long-term goal. However, this feeling can be the very thing preventing you from growing. It is important to ask, “Am I happy because I feel accomplished or because I can’t achieve more?” Being able to realize what caused us to think one is content is key to seeing what more we are capable of.

From the Three Factors of Human Success, this calls to mind two in particular, Heaven and Man. In my case, I was lucky to go into Feng Shui with the affinity to study it because it might as well be a gamble on my part. For others, they don’t have to gamble the way I did. Seeing the best path and their own path of least resistance is possible in their Heaven Luck.

Many people are stuck with jobs that they are decent at, but are unhappy. With Heaven luck, not only can we know about one’s personality, but the jobs they can be successful at, have affinity with, and enjoy are also seen. Even one’s success in having partnerships can be seen. Knowing this early on will set up a future with fewer issues and mistakes, assuming Man Luck is exerted.

If Heaven Luck informs you of the path, Man Luck is what is used to forge it. All the knowledge in the world will be useless to those who do not apply it. Same concept is seen when Heaven luck is known, but action is absent. Even the act of escaping complacency is a step in the right direction; however, guidance, although not necessary, is impactful in growing in the right direction.

Unfortunately for most people, like me, we did not have the guidance to know the path of least resistance. Despite that, what I did have were people who supported and believed in me like my family. Although my journey to get it took more than 10 years, my family never left my side.

Complacency is like quicksand. The longer we stay in it, the harder it is for us to get out. Despite that, no matter how deep we get, the right people will always help us to get out, no matter how hard it is to get out. After all, the journey to contentment may be long, tough and rough, but it sure is worth getting.