Using certified products compliant to PNS (Philippine National Standard) is safety standard defined.

Assuring Safety Compliant Processes

Steel pipe manufacturing is a thorough and detailed process. Each product carefully passes through numerous steps to be formed in your desired size and thickness. To strengthen these, a method called galvanizing is done to protect the metal from corrosion. From metal preparation, pre-dipping, dipping phase, post-dipping, air wipe system, and finally, the steam blowing system, it is finally done.

What does this tell you? It means that if a step is skipped or done without care, the resulting product would be affected. Uneven heating can result in defects that may or may not be easily seen. It all starts during the manufacturing process.

Fortunately, the ISO 9001:2015 from TUV Rheinland is the most recognized certification to assure a first-rate management system. This guarantees a safe and proper manufacturing process, where you can expect a higher product quality.

Guaranteeing High Product Quality

In the Philippines, the Department Of Trade And Industry (DTI) requires mandatory certification for steel products, including Black Iron and Galvanized Iron Steel Pipes.

These products—whether locally manufactured or imported— must pass through the Philippine National Standard (PNS) to guarantee safe use for consumers. This mark is printed on the steel pipe itself to prove authenticity. This way, customers who purchase these products can experience peace of mind.

If you’re having doubts about the quality of a steel pipe, you can call the BPS Standards Commission on their hotline. Consumers can also report stores that are selling products without these quality markings.

Sustainability of First-Rate Products and Services

An organization may be awarded a certification, but it is useless if it’s not renewed every few years. This encourages complacency, which can lead to a downward spiral in the quality of products and services. Even with this mark of excellence, consistency is key.

After the certification of ISO 9001:2015, an annual surveillance audit is done. This guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards. After three years, a re-certification takes place to look for proof of improvement within the organization. With the PS Mark, DTI Officers are given access to a stock room to ensure product quality.

Ensuring Value for Your Money

Not all goods are the same, that’s why certification should be your guide in purchasing the right steel pipes.

That means if a product is too good to be true, there is a high chance that it is a counterfeit. These might look good at first, but you will discover later in the future that it is prone to cracks, scratches, and corrosion. To get the best value for your money, only transact with reputable institutions with certified goods.

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