FOLLOWING the shooting incident over the weekend, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte is calling for a strict implementation of the liquor ban in the city.

Duterte said in a press conference inside his office on Monday, July 4, that he ordered the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) to strictly implement the liquor ban.

According to City Ordinance 004-2013, during the liquor ban, serving or consuming of liquor and any other alcoholic and intoxicating drinks in public shall be prohibited between 1 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Duterte, however, noted that this ordinance is not being fully observed by other establishments.

"Di man siya entire na mao nahitabo kay wala kaayo nato gistriktuhan (The ordinance is not being entirely strictly implemented) because we all know nga bag-o ra pud ta nakagawas sa pandemic, and medyo resistant pud kaayo mga tao na muuli og sayo kay ganahan sila mulaag (We are slowly easing Covid-19 restrictions, and some people are slightly being resistant in going home early because they want to hangout). For two years, wala sila nakagawas-gawas (they have been staying indoors)," the mayor said.

"But, I suppose, kung striktuhan gyud nato ang implementation sa liquor ban nato (if we would strictly implement the liquor ban), we can avoid these incidents from happening, because when people are intoxicated with alcohol, bad things can happen in any point in time," the mayor added.

Duterte said he will be issuing an executive order (EO) in relation to this.

In terms of possibly ammending the ordinance, the mayor said he will look into how Dabawenyos will be reacting to his EO, which will be their basis.

"Maintain lang usa nato (We will maintain for the meantime the ordinance) until such time makita nato kung unsa ang mga (we can observe the) adjustments," he said.

Duterte also warned bar establishments that will defy the liquor ban that they will be sanctioned, and will have their business permits possibly revoked.

On July 2, 2022, at 12:50 a.m. a 21-year-old bar-goer was killed after he was allegedly shot by 31-year-old doctor and non-uniformed police personnel.

DCPO Director Alberto Lupaz reiterated Duterte's marching order to strictly implement the liquor ban.

"Ang sabi lang niya (What the mayor instructed us), let us strictly implement the liquor ban, na kung anong oras talaga, ay hanggang doon lang talaga (to observe the only allowed hours for drinking)," Lupaz said.

He also urged bar owners to put in their entrance a "no firearms allowed inside signage." He also said that they should have security personnel to screen the bargoers.

The police official said they are also planning to deploy additional backup security personnel near the vicinity of the bar establishments to respond in times of commotion.

Lupaz said the bar where the incident happened will also be investigated. But as of now, he said the police are currently focusing on the merit of the suspect and the victim.

But he said they will also look into the possible liability of the establishment. RGL