SOME 35 new active coronavirus cases were reported on Monday, July 4 by the Department of Health’s (DOH) official virus tracker bringing the total active cases in Pampanga to 231.

The 35 new cases are one of the highest single-day increases since the decline of coronavirus cases early this year.

The total number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic has now reached a total 88,917 with some 86,830 recoveries. The death toll is at a standstill of 1,856 cases.

Pampanga alone has recorded some 202 coronavirus cases in the last 14 days. Pampanga has the second-highest coronavirus incidence next to Bulacan. Angeles City has recorded some 62 coronavirus cases during the same period.

Bed occupancy for coronavirus cases in the 45 health facilities in the province has risen to 5.4 percent, one of the highest this quarter. Some 38 beds are currently occupied while 664 are vacant from the total 702 beds available in the province.