DAVAO City First District Councilor Nilo "Small" Abellera, Jr. will be serving the 20th City Council without any committee.

The 20th Council had its first regular session on Tuesday morning, July 5 where the names of the heads of various committees were revealed.

In an ambush interview, Abellera admitted he was surprised at how he did not get a single membership in the committees.

"Wala ko kabalo sa rason. Siguro ang tamang pangutan-on ana ang leadership. Ako personally, kinsa mang konsehal gud ang dili [gusto] nga naa siya'y komitiba (I don’t know the reason. Maybe, you can ask the leadership, Personally, I don’t think any councilor would not want to serve without being a part of a committee)," the councilor said.

"I also want to know some answers. Sa ngayon, hindi ko kayang sagutin ng diretso ang katanungan ninyo kasi pati ako hindi ko rin alam (As of now, I cannot answer your questions directly because I, myself, don’t know the reason)," he also said.

He also said he will raise his concern with the council leadership.

Despite this, Abellera said he will continue to push ordinances for the welfare of the public.

Vice Mayor J. Melchor Quitain Jr. said the committee chairmanship is based on the nomination process.

Quitain, meanwhile, stressed that having no single committee membership doesn't make a councilor "ineffective."

"Diri sa (Here in the) body, when we decide, dili man commiittee ang muboto (it’s not the committee who will decide), [it’s] everybody. Even those with no committees or no membership will still have that right to vote," the vice mayor said, adding "his voice will still have a say in everything."

Prior to the interview, Abellera approached Quitain, however, the latter clarified that the former did not raise his concerns regarding the matter.

City Council Committee

Jesus Joseph Zozobrado was elected as Floor Leader, while Edgar Ibuyan Jr. and Louie John Bonguyan retained their respective positions as President Pro-tempore and Assistant Floor Leader

The new councilors were also elected to chair different standing committees: Trisha Ann Villafuerte for women, children, and family relations; Luna Acosta for peace and public safety; Tek Ocampo for special publications, and environment and natural resources; Bonz Militar for information technology; and Enzo Villafuerte for civil, political and human rights.

Re-elected councilors were also elected in their respective committees: Zozobrado for the committee on rules, privileges, laws and ordinances; Ibuyan, Jr. for public works and highways; Bonguyan for medium-end projects, and energy and water; Bernie Al-ag for trade, commerce, and industry, and labor and employment opportunities; Conrado Baluran for transportation and communications; Jaffar Marohomsalic for youth and sports; Mahipus for oversight committee, and ethics and good governance; Javi Campos for international relations, and low-end projects (sociaalized housing); Wilberto Al-ag for social services, and agriculture and food; Al Ryan Alejandre for tourism and beautification; Jessica Bonguyan for games and amusement; Edgar Ibuyan Sr. for barangay affairs, and government enterprise and privatization; Cheche Justol for health; Bai Sweet Advincula for high-end projects; Rodolfo Mande for people, cultural communities and Muslim affairs; Pilar Braga for education, science and technology, arts and culture; Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz for finance, ways and means and appropriations; Dante Apostol for franchises and public utilities; Alberto Ungab for appointments and government reorganization, and city-owned properties; and Jonard Dayap for cooperative development and people's participation.

A new committee was also created: the People's Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) headed by Acosta for first district, Mahipus for second district, and Advincula for third district; disaster risk reduction and management --- still headed by Mahipus; and future generation --- headed by Dayap; anti-terrorism --- headed by Ibuyan Jr. RGL