A BARANGAY official of Bug-ot, Argao town was shocked to find that the sow or female pig that she was raising in her backyard was believed to have been sexually abused.

What made it more shocking was that the pig may have been sexually abused by the official’s next-door neighbor.

Pamela Bancale, who works as village treasurer for Barangay Bug-ot, told police that it was her husband who first noticed what had happened when he was about to feed the pig on Monday dawn, July 4, 2022.

Bancale’s husband noticed that blood was coming out from the pig’s genitals.

He later saw a pair of shorts inside the pig’s cage.

Bancale said she and her husband immediately recognized the owner of the pair of shorts after they had seen one of their neighbors wearing it.

Bancale, however, did not reveal the name of the suspect pending an investigation on the charge filed against the suspect at the barangay hall.

The couple immediately asked assistance from another neighbor, who performed immunization and vaccination to pigs in their area, to examine the animal and it was revealed that the pig was harmed.

Neighbors initially believed that the pig may had gotten her wounds after tripping to the ground.

However, Pamela wondered why the suspect’s shorts were left in the area, arising suspicion that the pig was raped.

“Unsa may eksplenasyon sa short nga nahabilin kung pananglitan man gani nga wala niya lugosa (ang baboy). Basin gibinuangan ra daw, basin dosdos ra daw og kahoy ang kinatawo. Nganong naa may short nahabilin?” Pamela added.

(What’s the explanation for the pair of shorts left behind if, for example, he didn’t rape (the pig), maybe her genital was poked with a wood for fun, but why is there a pair of shorts left in the cage?)

Due to the incident, Pamela is worried that maybe, the suspect will not just rape an animal, but also humans the next time, especially that there are many young women in their barangay.

Maj. Andy Michael Roque, chief of Argao Police Station, said the owner of the pig has not yet reported the matter to their office, but he said they will still meet with the owner of the pig for the possible filing of animal cruelty charge against the suspect.