SUGAR, being a mono crop industry in the Province of Negros Occidental, utilized various models of tractors and equipment that assists land preparation before and during harvest time.

Couple Roland and Kate Tacardon put up an outdoor cafe beside The Ruins in Talisay City and adorned the place with old tractors of various models and types.

Aside from the old tractors, they also used old equipment and other antique collections as ornaments in the restaurant.

They said that customers would usually take photos of the tractors or would take selfies and use them as their backdrop.

Others would look for a beautiful spot at the resto which is surrounded by trees and sugarcane plantation and a football field.

On top of that, the restaurant owners have a penchant to collect matchbox-sized cars and trucks, old typewriters, old bikes, telephones, and other antiques that perfectly embellish the place's farm-like ambiance and tone.

“The old tractors and other automobiles were among the good sights at the place and of course the food was good,” the couple stressed.

Friends and family come there where tables are safely located.

Children can also play around as there is a children’s playground with swings, slides, and an area where children can run around with fellow children.

Food and drinks in the company of family and friends make the experience meaningful and a relaxed mood.