LE Menda Residences Nivel Hills is a furnished and fully finished condominium project of Nebham Land Incorporated. It is an ideal choice of living for young professionals and families on-the-go.

The project takes pride in its location’s accessibility—tucked in the most serene and tranquil Nivel Hills. It is close to some of Cebu’s major establishments, like malls, hospitals, churches, restaurants and flourishing tourist destinations. From the project’s location, everything can easily be accessed; whether residents wish to visit the mountains for an outdoor adventure or party the night away in the city’s hippest establishments, the city is within reach at Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills.

The interior

The project offers furnished and fully finished units that reflect the exterior of its building. Modernity and class truly shine at every corner. With modern furniture and modern finishes, this project will bring about modern living that emphasizes accessibility and hassle-free living.

The amenities

Be encouraged. Residents can live where they can make everyday living an everyday getaway. With Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills’ complete and remarkable set of amenities, residents won’t need to leave the premises. With everything within reach and easily accessible, Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills will make daily living a spectacular vacation.

The view

Residents can start imagining life at the newest modern living in Cebu City, and picture themselves being surrounded by the lush greens of Busay and the magnificent skyline of the city. Plus, they’ll get to always wake up to a breathtaking view of Cebu.

Condo high-living is made spectacular with Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills.

Currently, Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills has started clearing and grubbing activities on site to make way for the newest modern living. SPONSORED CONTENT.