CEBU Governor Gwendolyn Garcia plans to revive the world-famous “dancing inmates” of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) as a way to provide income for detainees there.

The governor said she also wants to reinstate the savings account for CPDRC detainees, which she instituted in her previous term.

During her first nine years as governor of Cebu from 2004 to 2013, Garcia initiated several livelihood programs at CPDRC to aid inmates who wanted to start a new life if they are later released back to society.

One such program that she initiated was to open bank accounts for inmates who were in livelihood programs while serving time.

“I will revive their savings account. They have a passbook. Each of them will have their savings accounts with the Cooperative Bank of Cebu,” Garcia told reporters.

She also plans to revive CPDRC’s community store as a way to generate more revenue for the inmates.

What they earn from selling at the community store will be returned to the bank accounts, Garcia added.

Hayco to serve as choreographer

She also tapped former Cebu City Sports Commission chief Edward Hayco to train the inmates with new dance routines.

Hayco currently heads Cebu City’s Dancesport team.

The dancing inmates became popular in 2007 after they were included in the list of Most Popular Viral Videos for dancing to the late Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Their fame further continued when they were tapped by Jackson and his choreographer, Travis Payne, to be included in the late pop star’s “This is It” tour in 2010.

They also became the subject of documentaries as well as local and international films.

The public viewing of dancing inmates was suspended in 2010 after the Provincial Capitol conducted an investigation into the donations and contributions allegedly received by the group.