SEVERAL years back, the Manila International Airport which was internationally identified by such name, was renamed the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA. The renaming intended to honor the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr.

The late senator, coincidentally, was gunned down at the tarmac, igniting an peaceful uprising that was named "People Power". The people's revolution led to the ouster of the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. and his family who fled to Hawaii and lived there for several years until their return to the country.

36 years after, the Marcoses are back in power just recently in the former dictator's son, Ferdinand "Bong Bong" Marcos, Jr. who has taken the footsteps of his old man and is now the president of the country.

Since then, there has been several moves to rename the said international gateway to various names as those who move for the renaming having a variety of reasons why the need to rename. The reason behind actually is to immortalize the person being honored while pleasing his family.

In one of my previous column, i have briefly discussed Filipino's fondness of naming buildings, bridges, roads, streets and a lot more to names of persons who sometimes in the guise of honoring someone, meant actually pleasing or favoring some.

Recently, Congressman Arnulfo Teves, Jr. of Negros Oriental, has filed a bill that seeks to rename the NAIA to Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. who said that the latter's contribution to the country in making it the center of domestic and international air travel be recognized. His proposal adds to the number of attempts to rename the airport.

The lawmaker's intention is good. He is simply making the accomplishments and achievements of the former president. The timing of his proposal is not as some will think that he is merely pleasing the son who is now the president too.

It seems that we do not have the state of permanency of the title or honor to the things we name from prominent persons as administration after administration, there are proposals to name places, buildings, streets etc. from those related to the sitting president.

Aside from the airport, we can expect other places to be renamed after the older Marcos now that the younger one is the president. It seems that we are on a name game, again.


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