CEBUANO local and rapper-turned-hustler, TREV, is making his first appearance of 2022 grand with the pop-rap party track “Margarita.”

Distributed by Warner Music Philippines, the rapper (and singer as well) released the song on July 8, with a music video to succeed it on the 10th.

On first listen, the track’s sound resembles the eagerness to let loose and show off. Produced by longtime collaborator SNARE, it’s coupled with TREV’s clever rap punchlines showcasing both his versatility and his personality. “Margarita” and nightclub music’s relationship is exactly like peanut butter and jelly–a perfect fit. On top of that, the music video, directed and shot by fellow creative Kirk Visitacion, provides that sense of a freegoing nature with an upbeat groove.

“Comfort is the worst enemy. Once you get comfortable, you stop wanting more. That’s why, I never let myself get comfortable and I’m never satisfied,” said TREV.

Continuous growth is on the vocalist-rapper’s mind, constantly taking notes and nuggets of musical technique from prominent names in the industry such as The Kid LAROI and Juice WRLD. Hoping to let himself be heard in more than just his rapping, he has been coming into his own as an artist by incorporating singing more heavily into his work, which has been a massive bonus for him.

For two years, TREV has been no stranger to the grind. In 2021 alone, he had put out five separate songs and three music videos with their own unique styles, highlighted by his most recent release “Lost Me,” a melancholic piece in collaboration with influencer Joshien Kyla as the female lead in its music video. Apart from that, the rapper has been featured by MYX Philippines in an exclusive interview for previous song and dance-production, “Damage.”

TREV has even represented the Filipino scene in 2021 as the cover artist of the Spotify-curated playlist, Fresh Finds Philippines. In the past year, the artist has also been proving that musicians could benefit from being more business savvy. Having recently launched his own virtual assistant company focused for businesses in the music industry at only 21, his business moves are a result of him hustling outside of music since being a teenager.

This is just one of the couple releases TREV has in the works for 2022. (PR)