SCIENCE and technology indeed are closely associated with our lives and are essential for the overall progress of humankind. Significant research works involving the different branches of science such as the natural sciences, human genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced space exploration have unraveled complexities in nature and ultimately the solutions to complex problems. Scientific research has made the impossible possible.

Not only these great strides in technology have greatly affected our daily lives but the computer and communication industrial revolution through the internet has also revolutionized our world. The web technology and the digitization of information have provided us the means to communicate and disseminate information with just a click of our computers.

And as we know it, science and technology advancements happen instantly and there is an urgent need for our Filipino youth to cope and be at par with the global tier as 21st-century learners. Through the annual Science and Technology Fair at the division, regional, and national levels, gifted students and future scientists are provided with the opportunity to be empowered to innovate and cultivate creativity and intelligence with the utmost goal of contributing to the solutions that address real-life problems and advocate sustainable development in our community.

The yearly conduct of the NSTF empowers the youth and cultivates innovation, and creativity amid the changing world. It also aims to showcase the learners' competence in addressing community problems for sustainable development and to maximize their potential of being inquisitive and creative in dealing with real-life issues.

The Virtual NSTF will banner the following events and competitions: Siyensikula - an original video creation competition; Likha - a Research Proposal Competition; SteMTokperiments - a Tiktok Science Experiment Competition; AghamBayaniJuan - a public community exhibition of partners in Science, Technology Research, and Innovation; and STEM Academy - a conference for learning and development for students and teachers on innovation, creativity, and excellence in Science and Research.

The announcement of national finalists and awarding ceremony will be on August 1-5, 2022.