BY THE increasing price of eggs in the market, a hint on the emergence of one prophecy, namely, worldwide famine? It’s a preposterous jump into a famished conclusion, but it’s one prognostication summed up in, uh, an eggshell. What is being foretold is that the world economy is headed for a serious collapse that will lead to shortages as never before.

A dire economic scenario is but one of the warnings being coursed by Heaven thru credible Catholic mystics. Recently though, there’s a lament that most are either unbelieving or simply unminding amid worldly preoccupations. Such was the case in the time of Noah.

And so another message with such lament was issued by the Blessed Mother to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla, an third degree Augustinian, on July 12, 2022. The message:

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: I charge you to pray, each of you individually, because each person knows that to ask and what to give.

“Beloved People of My Son, the days are shortening and My true children are becoming fewer and fewer.

“Man feels that he is God and has taken power over man himself in order to destroy himself. Human beings commit very grave sins.

“Children, you know about so much that is already upon humanity, and yet you do not change...

“Children, so much has been made known to you, not in order to terrify you, but so that you would prepare spiritually, and yet you do not change...

“Only those who remain in My Son will retain their sanity regarding what has been taken for a personal god: money. Having clung to the god of the world, you will feel lost without economic support.

“Faced with the fall of the economy, people will turn to what is offered to you and will fall into the hands of the antichrist.

“The microchip in the bodies of My children is the seal for being be able to buy and sell, in exchange for losing Eternal Life, in order to feel that material security to which you are so accustomed.

“So not lose your soul. How My Son grieves because of it! How My Son grieves!

“People of My Son, once the microchip is implanted in you, they will dominate your minds, ruling over you so that you would work and act as the power of evil commands you.

“My Son does not offer power on Earth and does not offer domination over your brothers and sisters...My Son shed His Blood for each one of you, He redeemed you from sin and gave you Eternal Life for those who desire it.

“Children of My Heart: The earth will shake forcefully, the wind will blow as it has never blown before and ice with fall in the midst of the heat of the tropics...

“The moon is tinged with red and the signs will not stop, neither in the firmament nor on earth, and yet the People of My Son continue to be blindfolded, immersed in banality, without opening their eyes.

“My children lose their faith at the slightest word they do not like to hear or read, but whatever offers spiritual independence reinforces them.

“They submit to the Devil so passively that they do not discern what an event means on the path of the plans about which this Mother has spoken in advance. My Son's Church is shrinking and only those who discern what is to come will know what is happening with each event.

“Pray and pray, discern, prepare, bend your knees. My Maternal Heart is open to receive you: come, enter into My Heart and I will lead you to My Divine Son.

“I love you, I bless you, I protect you. Do not be afraid.” (End of quote.)

Because of the gravity of the message, I am sharing below the commentary of Luz de Maria as follows:

“Our Mother informs us that our brothers and sisters are withdrawing from the Church of Her Divine Son.

“What has happened in the past is happening before our eyes: man has adopted false gods, the most relevant for the human race being that of money.

“At this moment we all know that economies are about to collapse, and how will man act without God in his heart? What will become of those who do not believe in God?

“Man has wanted to take God’s place, but he will never succeed because God is God and is above all people. But with its arrogance, humanity can destroy itself... We see warnings regarding New York issued by the government itself: are they intended to make inhabitants worried, or could this be why previous Messages have called us to be attentive and take measures?

“These are very difficult prospects even for those of us who at this moment are striving to keep ourselves in the Divine Will.

“It is very hard to face announcements concerning a worldwide food shortage, but we have to know that if the powerful want to reduce the population, this is a way to do so. At the same time we must bear in mind that the situation is being aggravated by the devastation of crops due to inclement weather.

“As children of God we must maintain our faith in Divine Assistance; as has happened in the past with the People of God, so too it will happen now with His People - they will not be abandoned.

“So much has been said about the seal, the microchip, with pages and pages explaining about the microchip, and our Mother tells us that many of Her children will accept it in order to be able to buy and sell.

“Brothers and sisters: each person must fight against their own inner self and weigh up what the Antichrist will offer against attaining Eternal Life.” (End of quote.)

Meanwhile, as political leaders and “experts” mouth prescriptions of the World Health Organization (WHO) on pushing Covid 19 shots, let us remind ourselves of the accessible records of Bill Gates, the second biggest donor to WHO, next only to the US (at least before former US president Trump withdrew the US from WHO).

In Gates’ TED Talk a few years ago, he voiced concern over climate change which he blamed on carbon emissions. He in turn blamed carcon emissions on the growing world population.

Then Gates stressed a need to curb the unsustainable levels of population growth.

He said, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

The man who is known to have espoused depopulation has, from the very beginning of the pandemic, been encouraging mankind to take Covid 19 shots.