Japanese restaurants typically are reminiscent of the traditional aesthetics of Japanese home interior, with dark-paneled wood panes enclosing the space adorned with incandescent light fixtures and rustic decorations.

At Ayame Seaside Tales, a charming ocean-view restaurant, these conventions are elevated.

Meal times become a quick getaway with the comfort of the sea breeze engulfing customers. Ayame Seaside Tales’ ambiance is as refreshing as the food it offers.

Ayame Seaside Tales serve authentic Japanese food with a local twist. One of its signature dishes is the Cebu Maki, an inventive twist to the Japanese staple that uses Cebu’s famous mangoes with fresh salmon and lime, wrapped in a generous layer of seasoned rice.

Among its other specialties is the Agedashi Tofu which is a deep fried bean curd slathered in umami sauce, perfect for those with strict diets. For salad lovers, the Lomi Salmon Salad is a must-try dish with its savory marinated salmon.

A Japanese feast wouldn’t be complete without ramen, of course. Ayame’s ramen best seller is its Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen in rich and creamy sauce with pork broth served with thin slices of Chashu pork belly.

You also shouldn’t miss out on Ayame’s very own take on Gyoza dumplings. It makes use of premium Angus Beef as the filling. Along with the classic crunchy Ebi Tempura and scrumptious Katsu Don served with sunny side up eggs and rice, diners will definitely have a delightful and hearty experience.

If one can’t choose from its offered a la carte meals and would want a little taste of everything, its bento meals will for sure sate one’s cravings.

The restaurant is located at the blithe shores of Il Corso Lifemalls and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.