Renz and Irene Yamyamin, a Davao-based couple with two kids, have been looking to invest in their own home to meet the needs of their growing family.

While they initially planned to buy a house and lot, Renz and Irene decided to look for a condominium unit instead, knowing that it would be more convenient and safer for their family, especially for their kids.

After months of searching, the couple finally found their ideal home in DMCI Homes’ Verdon Parc condominium community in Ecoland Drive corner Peacock St., Davao City.

Even better, they got the best deal for their dream home through DMCI Homes’ HomeReady™ program.

What is HomeReady™?

DMCI Homes’ HomeReady™ program gives homeseekers a chance to move into their dream home right away through a lease-to-own scheme with flexible payment terms. The program covers ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units in select DMCI Homes properties in Metro Manila, Baguio, and Davao City.

This program gives homeseekers like Renz and Irene the opportunity to purchase the unit they are leasing after two years, should they decide to do so.

As part of the program, a significant portion of the total lease payments will be credited as part of the down payment for the condominium purchase.

Under the HomeReady™ program, the leased unit also comes with a lock-in price, which means that the purchase price will be based on the unit price at the start of the lease agreement. This shields clients from unit price increases should they decide to buy the unit later on.

Better than just renting

Renz believes that the HomeReady™ program is a win for their starting family.

“We felt that the rent-to-own program is good for us, especially for a family (like us) that’s just starting. This program is very beneficial for us because we are not just renting the unit, it’s also going to be part of your equity in the long run. This is better compared to just renting the property that is not going to be yours in the end,” Renz explained.

His wife, Irene, added that HomeReady™ is a convenient way to acquire a property that they can live in right away.

“I think the right word would be ‘convenient’ for us because first of all, besides renting, we can already live in it at the same time, and after several months, we get to own the unit,” Irene shared.

“Parang hindi na namin masyadong nafi-feel na nagbayad kami ng upa because eventually it will become ours,” she added.

Premium amenities

Beyond the great deal that they got, Renz said DMCI Homes’ Verdon Parc stood out among other communities in the area because of its premium amenities that they get to enjoy, especially their kids.

“We love it here, actually! Our kids love it here also because of the community. People here are friendly. We love the pool, the gym, and the indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Our kids go down to the playground every day,” Renz eagerly shared.

Living in Verdon Parc makes them feel like they are on vacation 24/7 in their own piece of paradise, especially since the condominium has its own Property Management Office, which oversees the maintenance and security of the community. PR

“Because of our line of work, sometimes we go home late already. When we get home, we can talk on the balcony, in the garden, in the outdoor garden, we just stay there for like hours and just talk to unwind. It’s very peaceful, very relaxing,” Irene beamed.

To learn more about DMCI Homes’ HomeReady™ program, call +63917-880-8800 or (682) 2970447. News and other updates are also posted on DMCI Homes’ official website and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.