FOR so long, China has been lording it over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea to China) and is bold enough to think of claiming more territories adjacent to or near its current possessions.

Why is this so? Is there any Filipino official brave enough to stop this illegal intrusion into our territory and sovereignty? Will President Ferndiand Marcos Jr. make good on his promise to stem the Chinese "attack" on our territory? Well?

Of late, the Chinese coast guard had the temerity of warding off Philippine vessels unloading supplies for our men aboard BRP Sierra Madre, which keeps watch over Ayungin Shoal and our occupied Pagasa Island.

Previously, our fishermen were driven off Bajo de Masinloc in Zambales and their catch taken from them. The prohibition by the Chinese stays and our fishermen who rely on fishing for their livelihood and families' existence cannot do anything. Why the shabby treatment of our fishermen who fish within our exclusive economic zone?

Can President BBM do better to rein in China's defiance of our victory in the arbitral ruling? I just hope he would do something decisive and not only exhibit bluster and braggadocio just like his immediate predecessor.


Priority is Education. Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo C. Garbo's second pillar of governance is education as he declared during his inaugural address. He said he is serious about improving the state of education in the city as he cited Mabalacat City College's eligibility to become a university, hopefully within one hundred days of his second term, plus establishing a four-story building at MCC's Dapdap campus.

He furthered that he will lead the launching of five smart classrooms: soundproof, fully equipped with audio, camera and digital whiteboard with behavior monitoring for hybrid learning.

He proudly announced that it will the first school in the Philippines with Huawei smart classroom technology.

Good things are really going for Mabalacat City's drive to excellence and quality education, following Mayor Garbo's goals and objectives.

In my next columns, I shall touch on his priority No. 3 (Poverty) and more till I reach Priority No. 12, re: Twelve Pillars of Governance.