THE construction sector must embrace digitalization to keep up with the ever-changing business environment, an industry said.

During the recently concluded Philconstruct Visayas event, Kin Weng Tan, account director of Procore Technologies Inc. in Asia region, said the country’s construction industry is one of the least digitized sectors which affects its growth.

“The industry (construction and building) will continue to grow and today is a very exciting time in which there is a lot of tremendous growth where economies have to recover and one of the ways that will help incentivize and spurt the economy is through construction. A lot of investment is going to come in and build the infrastructure that is required,” Tan said.

Procore is a global provider of construction management software to help construction companies in terms of upgrading their work efficiency.

Tan shared the advantages of having a unified platform and an integrated data management among construction firms as these help them upgrade the efficiency of work processes, reduce wastes and delays, and improve overall profitability and quality of their projects.

“The countries that can digitize the construction faster, generally tend to be able to perform and build better and build faster as it spurts the economy to grow faster,” Tan said, stressing the value of capitalizing on technology use.

Procore promotes the paperless and no manual labor in managing construction processes.

Procore’s platform aims to connect all people involved in the construction value-chain including owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and architects, among others.

“Think of Grab, think of Facebook, where you can have a platform where all information can sit, latest information as well, where everyone involved in the project can access the data at your fingertips,” Tan said.

“Some will say that digital transformation is for large companies because they have resources, time and manpower. But, in our experience, digital transformation is for all businesses of any size, either small, mid-sized, or large enterprises, in which everyone is required to be efficient, to be more productive, to be more competitive,” Tan said.