THE plain old glazed doughnut Krispy Kreme is known for will never go out of style. For its 85th-year celebration, the well-loved doughnut chain elevates its classic takes on the decadent dessert.

Krispy Kreme has had a trademark of coming up with new exciting flavors for its doughnut selection, paired with new drink flavors as well. This year is extra special as Krispy Kreme celebrates its 85th year with birthday-themed flavors!

Mini Chocolate Doughnuts

These mini chocolate doughnuts are fun-sized versions of the classic chocolate glazed doughnuts Krispy Kreme is also famous for. It is topped with rainbow birthday sprinkles and coated in rich, sinfully sweet chocolate, perfect for a quick sugar fix.

Chocolate Birthday Drip Cake

When you think of a birthday treat, it is a must to have a pop color and sprinkles for that celebratory feel and Krispy Kreme’s Chocolate Birthday Drip Cake gives you exactly that. The tri-colored dessert is a delectable unglazed doughnut with a chocolate base. What’s a more fun way to celebrate your birthday than with this chocolatey delight? The Chocolate Birthday Drip Cake is available only up to July 31.

Mixed Berry Birthday Chiller

The Mixed Berry Chiller completes Krispy Kreme’s birthday celebration lineup! It is a refreshing blueberry and strawberry kreme blended drink topped off with whipped cream and of course, birthday sprinkles.

Celebrate 85 years of classic sweetness with Krispy Kreme today. These limited edition menu items will be available up until July 31 only so make sure to check them out while you still can.