BANGSAMORO Police Director Brigadier General Arthur Cabalona said Friday, July 29, 2022, that the killing of retired policemen Rolando Yumol was an “off shoot” of the involvement of his son, Dr. Chao Tiao, in the killing of former Lamitan City mayor Rose Furigay.

The 69-year-old Yumol was gunned down by unidentified assailants on Friday morning in front of his house in Barangay Maganda in Lamitan City, Basilan.

He sustained four gunshot wounds in the chest, resulting in his instantaneous death.

Although he was also carrying a firearm, the victim failed to retaliate.

Cabalona said before the incident, the Lamitan police provided Yumol with security detail with consideration to his son’s involvement in Furigay’s killing.

“Wala naman siyang na-recieve na banta since may nangyari doon sa anak niya sa involvement ng anak niya (in Furigay’s killing) but then, yesterday, our provincial director was there at his residence at mayroon din nabinigay na security sa kanya na pulis,” he said in an interview.

(He did not receive any threat following the involvement of his son in Furigay’s killing, but then yesterday, our provincial director was there at his residence to provide him police security.)

“But then he was advised to stay lay low kasi nga alam mo naman ‘yung kultura dito po na ‘yung gantihan, may mga ganon na notion at precaution (because there might be a retaliation, such kind notion and precaution),” he added.

The official was referring to rido, or clan feuding in Mindanao. According to the book Rido: Clan Feuding and Conflict Management in Mindanao by Wilfredo Torres III, it is a type of conflict characterized by sporadic outbursts of retaliatory violence between families and kinship groups, as well as between communities.

Cabalona said the assailants took advantage of the opportunity when Yumol’s police security was not yet in the area.

In a separate interview, Cabalona said Yumol’s relatives were moving out of their residences in the city for safety.

“May nareceive akong information na relatives (of Yumol) nag-iingat na rin. Naglipat na. Meron din sa Zamboanga na umuwi na rin, hindi na rito nakikita sa Zamboanga proper,” he said in a radio interview.

(I received information that Yumol’s relatives are also taking precautions. They have transferred. Some relatives from Zamboanga are no longer in Zamboanga proper.)

Dr. Chao Tiao shot dead Furigay inside the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City on July 24 when she was about to attend her daughter’s law school graduation.

Two other individuals -- another resident of Basilan and a security guard -- were also killed in the incident.

Furigay’s daughter was also wounded in the incident and is currently undergoing various operations due to the injuries she sustained.

Dr. Yumol said he killed Furigay over a long standing feud with her family.

Yumol is facing over 70 cyberlibel charges filed by Furigay’s camp allegedly over several malicious insinuations he posted in his social media.

He said this is one of the reasons why he cannot practice his profession.

He also accused Furigay of involvement in the illegal drugs trade which was firmly denied by the former mayor’s camp.

Furigay’s lawyer said Yumol was critical to the local official after she implemented the cease and desist order issued by the Bangsamoro government on his infirmary clinic located just across the municipal hall of Lamitan. (SunStar Philippines)