THERE is no sure way of grasping the afterlife. Somehow this realization of knowing there is an end to our physical conscious realities makes the limited time we have all the more valuable.

Certainly, there are various complex aspects in our lives, hurdles and setbacks to conquer. Many avenues to explore, and choices to make. It is in these warfares where significant growth lies.

At times, it is confusing to get a clear picture of the true aim. Each day entails challenges to overcome and there is perhaps no ultimate destination, but ultimately it could very well be a mysterious journey to be experienced. Conscious experiences are constantly fleeting, and all we truly have is the present moment.

Chaotic moments occur that lead to overwhelming anxiety. Uncertain events unfold that many cannot cope with. An objective and moral guide is of great importance for the overall well-being of our souls. A general contemplation on the higher spiritual matters is a clear manifestation of something profound rooted in each one.

The human condition is a blessing we should not overlook. We have the capacity to embark on worthwhile endeavors, form friendships, nurture relationships, create meaning and find utmost fulfillment amidst the various mundane tasks and activities.

All we can possibly fathom are the tangibles and intangibles within this paradigm. No one can truly grasp for certain the matters beyond, but through our innate capacities, one can discern what is truly of value and importance amidst this tumultuous life.

The willingness to confront matters with shoulders back and overcome adversities guided by a moral framework instilled in each of us is what gives us a proper backbone in embarking on a quest with firm foundations.

There are aspects in this life where it is necessary to draw a line. There are non-negotiables and points that we simply cannot go beyond. There is truth and justice that governs, and there is an ideal way to maximize our finite and futile experiences.