For their repetitiveness, the messages from modern mystics could be boring were it not for their being frightening. And being more specific and time-proximate.

You’ve heard them before, but each time prophecies are repeated by mystics, there is an added feeling of dread because the repetitiveness conveys a sense of urgency, even desperation, conjuring up an image of a parent with outstretched arms, asking his child to jump to him now from the second floor of a burning house.

In the following message of Our Blessed Mother to Valeria Copponi on July 20, 2022, she again repeats that there is not much time left before the Chastisement. The entire message:

“Dear children, I ask you again to pray to my Son for all your unbelieving brothers and sisters. They cannot imagine how great are the sufferings of hell, [where] my Son and I would no longer be able to intervene with the Father for them.

“Believe me, my children, in these last times my greatest suffering is precisely that of not being able to intercede for their salvation [once in Hell]. You mothers understand how much I am suffering; help me with fasts and prayers, and in this way, we will be able to deliver so many of your loved ones [i.e. who are still alive] from eternal pains.

“Unfortunately, we will not have much more time at our disposal: the Eternal Father is about to decide about the return of Jesus and myself to your earth and unfortunately, many non-believers will no longer have time for a sincere conversion. Their hearts are hermetically closed and only your prayers and offerings can help them to open their hermetically closed hearts. Beloved children, I commend myself to you because I know that I can count on your help. We will return to you, for the times are being fulfilled. You know full well that there can be many conversions through your offerings and sacrifices.

“My children, listen to me: act quickly and we will be able to rejoice together over so many [of my] children who will return to the One who has called them to true joy. I bless you and embrace you.”

To Gisella Cardia on July 30, 2022, Our Blessed Mother warned that Satan is in motion to topple down all that is sacred in our midst. She said:

“Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts and for having bent your knees in prayer. My children, soon you will find yourselves in a very difficult time, more so than you imagine. My children, be united and listen to the words of a loving Mother: the Antichrist is acting — you will reach the point where you will not be able to buy anything without his permission. Make provisions and do not be careless.

“Beloved children, pray for priests: Satan is acting, he will have everything sacred removed, starting with tabernacles and priestly vestments, saying that you are all the same. The faithful consecrated will suffer much, but Jesus and I will be near.

“Children, I ask you to love one another and unite in God’s love: only then will you be victorious.

“New diseases will arise: just a little longer and you will again be in your prisons.

“Children, economic disaster is near: help one another, call on me and I will be with you. I love you, children; pray, pray, pray much. Now I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Amen."

And then on July 30, 2022, no lessthan Our Lord Jesus who issued a message thru stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla. Our Lord said:

“My beloved People: I love you, guide you and gather you as the shepherd of souls.

“Beloved People of My Heart: I come with My love to bless you and to offer you My cross of glory and majesty.

“My children, I continue to suffer for each one of you: I see you going further and further away from My Sheepfold, immersed in false doctrines because you do not recognize Me.

“My People are accepting what is sinful, false and shameful; they accept what is wrong and are becoming familiar with evil.

“I call you to conversion. This is the precise moment for you not to be guided by your own interests, but by those of My House.

“This is the time of the Signs preceding the Warning, and yet My People continue not to examine themselves, not probing within themselves and not seeing themselves without masks.

“My children are acting outside of My Love. Far from the works and actions of true Christians, you allow yourselves to be attracted by those who, while knowing Me, scorn Me, seeking their own interests and not Mine. Human wretchedness has led them to taste what is sinful, loving earthly power, going so far as to submerge My Church in darkness and silencing the altars of the Eucharistic Sacrifice with the blow of a hammer.

“Oh what a time of pain! I suffer over and over again...and My blinded People are looking at themselves: they despise humility and are feeding their conceited and spoiled ‘ego’ with great arrogance.

“I have given you so much, will lose so much due to arrogance until, not finding contentment or spiritual fulfilment, you will again prostrate yourselves before Me, so that I might free you from so much gangrene that you have allowed to befall what is Mine!

“Pray My People, pray, pray: My Justice is coming as regards what belongs to Me.

“Pray My People, pray: the city of lights will be extinguished, its din silenced, and My children will cry out.

“Pray My People, pray for Argentina: it will suffer, to the astonishment of humanity.

“Pray, My People, pray: nature will act with greater force.

“My enemies will rise up against My children. Continue fearlessly in Faith: My Angelic Legions will make the oppressors flee.

“My People, human pride and foolishness must be banished in preparation for chasing away the obstacles that dwell within each one of you.

“Surrender to Me without putting up human resistance. In this way I will be everything within you and you will be My contentment.

“Hurry, children, rid yourselves of so many rags that prevent you from walking towards Me...

“Be love, fraternity, charity, forgiveness, hope, and may each one of you be a support for your brothers and sisters.

“Obey the Commandments, love the Sacraments, reconcile yourselves with Me and receive Me with love for those who do not love Me. In this way you will be My Contentment: this is how My children work and act in order to taste My Love, and may My Love be a sign of My Presence within you.

“I bless you and strengthen you.”

“My people, continue fearlessly holding My hand and the Hand of My mother. My heart beats for each one of you. I love you.”