HOW time really flies. Now, it will be the tenth year of Mabalacat cityhood which needed the dedicated work of the men and women of then Mabalacat town, a first-class municipality.

A Technical Working Group was created to orchestrate the vast network of processes and paperwork to wield together a bill titled An Act Converting the Municipality of Mabalacat Province of Pampanga into a component city to be known as Mabalacat City and Appropriating Funds therefor.

Signed into law by former president PNoy on May 16, 2012 and a plebiscite done on July 21, 2012 which approved the law and made Mabaalacat a full-blown city.

I remembered writing about Mabalacat cityhood in the light of Mexico town's plan to achieve the same.

On July 21, 2022, the 10th anniversary of Mabalacat cityhood, there are activities to highlight its anniversary celebration with slogans "Mabalacat in10sified" and "Bring out the good in our cityhood".

In chronological order, the activities lined up for the 10th anniversary celebration are:1) Show Me Mabalacat Photo and Documents Contest from July 21 to August 21, focal person-Jay Pelayo; LCR-Barangay Registration Desk-July 25, 2022, focal person-Vic Medina; 3) Nutrition Month=July 25, 2022, focal person-Gladys; 4) Disaster Preparedness Month, July 25, 2022, focal person-Jinky; 5) MCG Barangaynihan Caravan, July 25, 2022, focal persons-Dra. Maan, Sai and Ruth; 6) Diskwento caravan, July 25-26, 2022, focal person-Ryan; 7) Inter-Barangay Council for the Protection of Children Summit, July 26, 2022, focal person Charlo; 8) PDAO Livelihood and Skills Training, July 27, 2022, focal person-Michael Miranda; 9 Tourism Livelihood Distribution, July 26, 2022, focal person-Arwin; 10) Farmers Training Center, July 26, 2022, Agriculture; 11) Madapdap Park Inauguration, July 28, 2022, CPDO; 12) ECCD Nutrition celebration, July 28, 2022, focal person-Ruth and 13) 10th Cityhood Motorcade, July 29, 2022, focal persons-Rosan and Jun M; 14) 10th Cityhood Testimonial Banquet, July 29, 2022, focal persons-Arwin, Charlo, Rosan, M.O., Merla, Gladys; 15) HIV Center launching, July 29, 2022.

There are other pending allied activities on the occasion of Mabalacat city's 10th year anniversary.