MANY subtle manipulators lurk among us. People act cunningly utilizing and capitalizing on the weaknesses and dispositions of others to pursue what they want. We live in a vicious world of shrewd beings out to advance personal agendas. Sadly, many suckers fall prey oblivious and unable to grasp matters on a broader scope.

The paradigm of life is very much a complex game of levelling up. While progress and development is certainly noble, there are truly non-negotiables and lines that need to be drawn. Hierarchies and structures are certainly in place, but such positions and dynamics of authority and advantage ought to be utilized justly and reasonably.

There is but a slippery slope in being fully engrossed by a superior edge, which is what leads to many abuses and mishaps. This is the sad reality of our humanity, when there are various negative shifts derived from absolute empowerment. Somehow such obligations and responsibilities have strong tendencies of being utilized for the wrong reasons and purposes.

As human beings, it is usually every man for himself. Indeed, we do have very selfish inclinations due to many fears of the unknown. We act in expedient and cutthroat manners to seemingly protect ourselves and maintain an upper hand over others. We are indeed flawed with many ironies given our complex traits, susceptible to evil and ruthless deeds for personal glory, yet we try to abide by morals and principles still falling short of an ideal standard.

Naturally, we compensate through projections and show some form of shallow altruism to make ourselves feel better, but yet remain stubborn and unrepentant in many aspects. While some of our behaviors change through unfortunate circumstances. Most of the time, we remain headstrong in a path of practicality and pragmatism for personal gain and ambitions driven by a natural impulse for survival. Real character change does not occur very often.

It is difficult to discern in striking that balance, perhaps it would require a much higher faith and conviction in the intangible matters that would ultimately shape character. Perhaps, through daily setbacks and challenges is indeed where we truly grow and attain greater depth and understanding. We simply cannot remain oblivious to such occurrences.