THE Provincial Government-run Negros Occidental Food Terminal Market along North Capitol Road in Bacolod City will already be fully operational starting Thursday, August 4, after a contract signing was conducted with the lessees on August 3.

Provincial Administrator lawyer Rayfrando Diaz II said the turnover of the stalls will be on August 8. For the meantime, they (lessees) will be renting for free until the "fit-out period" is completed.

During that period, the lessees will need to customize whatever stalls they received from the province, Diaz said, adding that they already oriented them on the "do's and don'ts."

He said the fish and vending stalls as well as the "bagsakan" or the area where the fresh fish and other sea food products are brought will start operating by August 15.

On the other hand, the meat and other poultry products, as well as vegetables, fruit and dry goods section will operate starting August 23.

The kitchen area, where canteens will be put up as well, will cater customers on September 7, Diaz also said.

As of August 3, the Negros Occidental Food Terminal Market already has 59 lessees.

Meanwhile, the provincial administrator said the Cyber Centre is no longer accepting new locators as the current one is taking over the vacant spaces left by previous lessees for their expansion.

Since the province took over, Diaz said, everything has been addressed with speed and sensitivity to their needs.

He said the income that is expected from the economic development enterprises of the province should be realized according to the business plans.

The income that would be generated will help augment the funds of the Provincial Government especially that it faces a budget cut by next year, he added.