FOR the fourth consecutive year, The Mactan Newtown is hosting Cebu's grandest Lechon Festival, bringing together the finest lechoneros from Cebu province while delighting guests with the famed Cebuano gastronomy and exciting cultural events.

From August 4 to 7, guests from around the country can witness the much-anticipated Live Lechon Roasting and taste a sumptuous selection of the world’s best pig from Cebu’s top lechon-makers including Ayers Lechon, Lerd's Lechon, My Papart's, Cebu's Tasty Lechon, Cebu's Original Lechon Belly, Imong's Lechon, Magellan's Lechon, ZubuChon, Jojo and Mikai's Lechon, and San Roque's Lechon.

From August 4-7, revelers can start their festival day at the Mactan Alfresco with Beats & Rhythm, a grand drum show featuring the talents of local groups. Then, to celebrate Filipino heritage with fun and entertainment, a series of Cultural Performances will be staged. One of which is the Sinulog & Kadaugan sa Mactan, a reenactment of the historic Battle of Mactan; Sinulog Dance; and Rampada Dance among others.

The Live Lechon Roasting, to be held at the Lechon Pit also at Mactan Alfresco, will wow guests as they will witness how the world-famous Cebu Lechon is prepared by the best roasters in town. Exciting markdowns on lechon products will also delight taste buds.

Vibrant and electrifying performances will fill the festival evenings, including an energizing Fire Dance and a mesmerizing Fireworks Display. Both grand exhibitions will be held at the Mactan Alfresco.

For the nocturnals, Festive Beats will gather a lineup of Cebu’s local bands, as well as a stellar cast of DJs including DJ Kate, DJ David, DJ Charlz, and DJ Mance. Party-goers can groove to the beats at the Wellness Center, 8 Newtown Blvd.

“It is a great honor for us to be the home to the Cebu Lechon Festival. We are definitely proud to showcase the rich Cebuano heritage and gastronomy here in our township. We are glad to be part of the province’s most beloved fiestas where guests can gather safely and happily,” said Ms. Thesbe Alonso, General Manager of The Mactan Newtown.

The Cebu Lechon Festival coincides with the Ironman 70.3 Race, which will also be held at The Mactan Newtown.

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