CITY OF SAN FERNANDO - The Pampanga police has warned the public against phishing attacks perpetrated through online bankings.

The provincial police said it has been receiving consecutive reports from victims of the said modus.

The Pampanga Police Provincial Office (PPO) disclosed that the victims are usually account holders of the Land Bank of the Philippines.

To prevent getting victimized, police reminded public not to click unknown links on e-mails or text messages.

“Fraudsters usually send text messages or e-mails that seems or are really identical to legitimate ones. Always check the legitimacy of source and the link,” police said.

The PPO added that general warning signs of phishing attacks include unexpected request to confirm personal information, use of poor grammar, suspicious links or attachments, and too good to be true messages.

“Avoid filling out forms or give out personal and bank information over the phone or e-mails as these are the usual modus for phishing attacks,” the local police said.

Victims are advised to immediately report to concerned bank and to the Philippine National Police (PNP) Cyber Crime Division for assistance.