With my 53rd birthday coming, I have been reflecting about my life journey so far. Triumphs and regrets are found in all parts of my life. Although I ponder on all of these things, my regrets tend to be what I think of the most. Realizing what could have been done better can always come back and haunt us. Though the thoughts are heavy, with my profession, I am able to understand my situation then and with that, I, or anyone once understanding, is able to move forward and be better.

The Three Factors of Human Success and Failure are known to be Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck. With Heaven Luck, one is able to not only know what one is like, but also the favorable and unfavorable times in one’s life. Knowing the misfortunate timing one was in, it helps with understanding that the things we can’t control often get the best of us, and with that understanding, we can strive to manage what we can control.

Earth Luck can also affect us negatively. With family arguments as an example, possibly the energy in the home was tapping into an argumentative star. Knowing when and where the house has unfavorable energy is vital to knowing why some negative things may be more prevalent. With the knowledge of when and what negative energy will come, one is able to manage the effects it may bring with their actions.

Man Luck is the most straightforward of the three factors. After all, Heaven and Earth may bring out the negative in us, but it is with Man Luck that causes the negative to be made worse. Although one is unable to undo what has been done, one is able to understand why one chose to do such a thing. From understanding oneself, one is able to begin being better for oneself instead of being sorry for one’s self.

In the end of the day, the deed has been done, and oftentimes, righting one’s wrong is impossible. In cases such as these, being better to ensure that one does not commit the same mistake again is now how the wrong can be made right. The moment can cause us to do things one would regret in the future, but its hold on us is all oneself to break free from and finally grow. Though regrets may mark us forever, it is on us to grow to make the mark a smaller part of ourselves.