NETIZENS can now witness the live performances in this year’s Pasigarbo sa Sugbo on August 28, 2022 as well as vote for their favorite contingents online.

Since the capacity of the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC), where the event will be held on a Sunday, August 28, is limited to only 12,000 persons, Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia said they came up with the idea to have the activity shown through Facebook Live to give everybody the chance to watch.

Garcia said that aside from viewing the Pasigarbo, netizens may also vote for their chosen contingents.

“Ang maong puntos o ranking, mahimong madugang sa overall score sa matag contingent (The points or ranking can be added to the overall score of each contingent). The remaining 20 points is about online impact, much the way the ‘American Idol’ scores work. They will vote online. After a series of performances, we will flash a QR code so that the viewer will be able to rank the performance. You will rate the performance on how you perceive them in terms of choreography, theme, coordination and general overall operation,” Garcia told the reporters on Friday, August 5, 2022.

Garcia said the show is open to the public and they will distribute wrist bands to the spectators to avoid overcrowding. Only those who have wrist bands will be allowed entry.

As to prizes for the winning contingents, Garcia said she has yet to decide what they plan to give.

“I will still have to decide what the prizes will be. It would have to be more than P1 million,” she said.

Around 50 contingents from the different municipalities in the province are expected to participate.

They will be accommodated in public school classrooms prepared by the Department of Education.

Garcia expressed optimism that the event will turn out successful after it was suspended for two years due to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

She also emphasized that the event also gives the make-up artists, dance instructors and other individuals concerned the opportunity to earn some income after being affected by the pandemic.

“We are providing them jobs, an opportunity to work after such a drought of two years. I hope that those who think that this is just some frivolous activities think about how many Cebuanos have benefited by it because the subsidy that we have given, this is now being spent in the town itself,” Garcia said. “After a long time this is really to signal to the rest of the country that we are back to normal,” she added.

The Pasigarbo sa Sugbo is one of the highlights of the province’s 453rd founding anniversary.