A CANCER survivor who recently won gold in a 74-kilogram (kg) national powerlifting competition shared that he only knew about his health condition when he celebrated his 18th birthday.

Ryan John Bito-on, the gold medalist is the son of Atty. Raul and Gina Bito-on of Silay City.

He competed last July 24, 2022, at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay Activity Center.

Bito-on shared that he was diagnosed with stage two lymphoma in 2012 and underwent medication since then until he was declared cancer free.

He stopped his college education after learning his condition and devoted his time to his medication with the love and support of his parents.

During his 18th birthday, he was surprised why he received wishes and kind remarks to take care of his health.

It was at that moment that he learned his true state of health, the athlete said.

But instead worrying about his health condition, he went through the medication and chemotherapy and when he was regaining his health back, he went to the gym and indulged himself in physical fitness.

His parents were very happy of his feat both in his health and in the sport that he engaged in.