DusitD2 Davao and Dusit Thani Residence Davao launches its very first Kadayawan event highlighting the art and fashion of Ninofranco and Kathryn Fanlo, the world-class Malagos Chocolates, and the conservation mission partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Festive and flavorful – this is where the entire Kadayawan set of offers and activities will revolve for Dusit Davao’s celebration. The hotel launched through a face-to-face event at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom last July 28, attended by partners in the government, tourism, media, and society, highlighted with performances from the Kalumon Performing Ensemble.

The line-up of partnerships for this year gives spotlights to the different aspects of Davao: art, fashion, award-winning food, and a conservation partnership for the national bird.

Showcasing the culinary prowess of Dusit Davao, Executive Sous Chef Christopher Lugtu and his team are preparing dishes that blend Davao’s best with Dusit’s signatures. Tribal dishes like Piassak from the Tausugs, Landang from the Maguindanaons, Linotlot nga Manok from the Jangans, and Wadjet Makadurian from the Sama group are on the menu, along with Dusit’s signatures as the cochinillo. Malagos Chocolates took over the dessert station with the pastry team’s Grissini, Mango Chocolate Malagos Mousse, Malagos Chocolate cake and macarons, cheesecake, and truffles. These dishes are set to be featured during the Kadayawan weekend’s Madayaw Cafe dinner buffets at Php 1400 net per person.

Dusit Gourmet’s lounge is donned with the pieces of Davao local artists, featuring the creative works of Wilson Limon and Kay Fanlo on Ninofranco and Kathryn Fanlo Accessories. This matches the current partnership of Dusit Davao with PAL, including airfares in the accommodation packages to make traveling easy, convenient, and experiential.

Cluster DOSM Lannie Merilo, says, “We came up with this big idea because we wanted to bring in a sense of local touch, showing off what Davao hospitality is all about. This is also where we thought it best to invite Ninofranco and Kay Fanlo, to emphasize that Davao fashion has evolved into styles that are ideal for travel while elevating the reach of local artistry and craftsmanship.”

During the launch, the commitment of Dusit Davao to eventually adopt a Philippine Eagle was sealed through a campaign that will start in August. GM Kuch shared, “We are allotting a part of our revenue for the benefit of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. We will remain transparent and educational on this initiative, in order for our guests to believe in the same advocacy, and be catalysts to raise awareness on the conservation of our national bird and other species.” PEF Development Manager Andi Baldonado expresses her thanks to Dusit and ends it with a toast.

For dining reservations and other inquiries, guests may e-mail d2dv.fbreservations@dusit.com or call (082) 27 7500.