The price of pork in the local market went high not long ago. Aside from the cost of livestock production, the swine flu remained a menace to pigs, thus affecting the price of pork which is a popular staple among Filipinos. Hog growers are crying for the cost and the disease.

Then the price of fuel went along the way. This became the economic game changer as the price of almost commodities and services went soaring high. The price in the world market that was aggravated by the Russia-Ukraine war is said to be the culprit.

The price of electricity, water, cable and internet and other utilities were likewise increased allegedly due to various factors. As I have said, the price of almost everything went high.

Among the commodities which market price went terribly high are poultry products such as chicken meat and eggs. Egg is also used in baking and food preparation. This resulted in a domino effect escalating prices of bakery products.

Amid the supposed big time foiled importation of sugar and alleged hoarding and smuggling of the favorite sweetener, there came the crisis on sugar. We have now the shortage on sugar supply whether we believe it or not. Sugarcane farms are now residential subdivisions.

A couple of days ago, the price of salt has likewise escalated. Saltmakers blame the high cost of production and transport and the lack of supply as the culprit. Many are left unbelieving on the price increase since salt is known to be a cheap product in the local market. Its an important ingredient too in daily food products.

Some netizens are in disbelief to hear that even the price of the lowly salt is affected by what is happening in our economy. This gives a strong signal that we have indeed a crisis in the many things that we need everyday.

Those with the meager means should definitely stretch resources to make both ends meet. We have to be wise spenders considering the price of everything that escalates record-high. We may rest perhaps in buying unnecessary things putting aside frivolities as we brave this economic crisis that is affecting our country. We have to hope too that soon this will be over.


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