Pomegranate Noir is one of my current favorite Jo Malone London colognes. The scent, conceived by capturing the essences of pomegranate, Casablanca lily, guaiac wood and patchouli, has this sensuality to it.

But did you know that by combining Pomegranate Noir with another Jo Malone London scent, like the Lime Basil & Mandarin, the infusion exudes a citrusy and spicy allure? A whole new fragrance is created.

“At Jo Malone London our philosophy of Scent Pairing allows you to create a scent that is unique, to express your identity and leave a lasting impression. Each fragrance is designed to be worn alone or layered with another, giving you the freedom to create your signature scent,” shared Camille Oloan, Brand General Manager, Jo Malone London PH.

Jo Malone London boutiques carry a wide range of fragrances. It can be overwhelming, but very exciting, too. It inspires you to create a new scent that appeals to you.

“Blended from the highest quality ingredients by Master Perfumers, create something original. Freshen a rich floral with a citrus zing, add spice for a warm allure,” encourages Mina Manuel, Education Manager, Jo Malone London PH.

At the recent opening of the Jo Malone London boutique at the Abreeza Mall, Mina showed guests the magic of layering.

“Start with a body crème, for a delicate base, then enhance it with a cologne. For example,

apply English Pear & Freesia Body Crème and add a spritz of Wild Bluebell Cologne for a cool floral fragrance with notes of flowers and ripe pears. In contrast, layering Red Roses Body Crème with Blackberry & Bay creates a warm floral fragrance with a hint of dark berry juices.”

What are the brand’s recommendations?

English Pear & Freesia with 154, for fruity freshness with a woody heart.

Combine Lime Basil & Mandarin with Pomegranate Noir, for an enigmatic citrus with a spicy allure. Add Red Roses to Orange Blossom, for a romantic floral with a sparkling warmth.

At Jo Malone London our philosophy of Scent Pairing allows you to create a scent that is as unique as you are,” said Oloan.


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