Prophecy fatigue?

Such a word has surfaced of late, amid people impatient over the non-occurrence of sensational prophecies pouring down from Heaven through mystics of our days.

This, despite the fulfillment of many prognostications, although not the more immense ones.... as yet.

But the fact is a good number of the modern mystics, some of whose prophecies (notably the Covid 19 pandemic), have come to pass remain credible despite their big-time prophecies still unfulfilled.

Such is the case of stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla, a third degree Augustinian, whose reputation was significantly boosted after Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata of Esteli, Nicaragua, issued an imprimatur on a new invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as told to Luz.

The good bishop, in his imprimatur dated Aug. 3, 2018, recognized the new invocation “Queen and Mother of the End Times” which was revealed by no less than Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz way back in 2006.

Bishop Mata also noted that “a great part of the invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary are gathered in one single image that represents her” and that “later the Heavenly Mother dictated a prayer for all of God’s People, with which She invites us to invoke Her especially in these instants of great tribulation and confusion inside and outside the Church.”

The good bishop continued: “Grateful to Heaven for such a great heavenly gift, we exhort the People of God to receive with faith and gratitude over this divine help that springs from the loving Will of God that wants to protect all of us in the present and the future through the maternal help of the ‘Queen and Mother of the End Times’.”

“I grant the ‘imprimatur’ to this new invocation, to the prayer with which we can implore Her with confidence and to the representation or image that artistically expresses the vision had by Luz de María, at the same time I extend the invitation to participate in the novena to prepare for the feast of our ‘Queen and Mother of the End times’ whose feast day will be on August 28,” Mata also said in his formal imprimatur declaration.

(I will share the novena in the near future.)

Allow me to share the most recent messages Luz has received from Heaven. Please pray first to the Holy Spirit for strength and wisdom, as the message is dire. Note that again, Our Lord Jesus has again cited moringa or malunggay (which is abundant and easily grown in the Philippines) as tool for boosting immunity amid warning on another severe pandemic.

Here is the message of Our Lord Jesus:

“My beloved children: Receive My blessing from My Most Sacred Heart. You are My people whom I love and want to rescue.

“My beloved people, I invite you to come with Me. Just as a river is a single water-course and all the tributaries derived from the main river carry the same water, giving life to everything next to them, so My children must give what they carry inside - love for Me - and take it to their brothers and sisters at every moment of their lives.

“Without being afraid, be tireless and continue on the sure path that leads you to Me. Personal encounter with Me is a primordial need for each one of My children.

“My children, do not be dispersed: remain united. Events are indicating the direction of what is to come.

“You must keep in mind that several events can happen in one day and thus shorten the timeline.

“Prepare for the Warning (prophesied in Garabandal, Spain and also cited in St. Faustina Kowalska): examine yourselves inwardly, be humble, fulfill what I call you to fulfill and accept My Word with love.

“The war continues its advance - that war that you do not see, that war that has activated the moment of the great blackout, that war which will soon bring down the world economy, that war which has been planned and directed by the interests of the elite, who will then emerge in order to impose its laws, its government, its economy, its religion and its education on the peoples.

“Pray My children, pray for Central America : suffering will come with the shaking of the earth.

“Pray children, pray, pray, the new disease will be very serious and contagious to the point of being lethal. Protect your immune system and have calendula cream and MORINGA ready for you to take.

“Pray children, pray : the Vatican will mark the time that is approaching.

“Italy, how much you will suffer!

France, how I grieve for this beloved country!

“My beloved, My people, volcanoes will enter into greater activity, the intensity will be strong and My children will suffer.

“My people, turmoil is growing. See how humanity is agitated, motivated by evil and creating conflicts.

See how My people suffer because of clinging to false gods made by man.

“Children, a leader has global aspirations to preside over the single government, and for this reason there will be a great and fierce battle.

“My house is compromised...My children feel abandoned, even though it is not the case: I Am Who Am and I do not leave you on your own.

“Pay attention, My children, pay attention! Without falling prey to fear, be discerning, do not anticipate the variants of diseases: it is not necessary to hurry.

“Have firm faith. My love is for each one of you. My children, you are at a time when the devil is pouncing upon My people. You will suffer, but you will never be defeated because I am with My people.

I bless you; My Love is powerful. Without being afraid, love My Mother. My Blessing is within each of you.” (End of message.)

Also allow me to include Luz de Maria’s commentary on the above message. She noted:

“The love of Our Lord Jesus Christ is without equal and full of wonders. It is offered to us with great Divine Love, and we should welcome so much Grace at this time, treasuring it so that our Faith would lead us to be strong and true.

“Brothers and sisters, it is as if nature has grown tired of giving human beings what they need: we are facing a great shortage of food, water and what is necessary to supply technology, hospital services etc. This is due to the crisis that will increase due to an Asian country. It is not possible to ignore the great shortages that the expansion of the war will unleash on a global level.

“Various countries are named. It is not that only these countries will have to suffer; it is up to us all to remain spiritually alert and not to be ashamed of our Faith.