Pangan: On hoarding and smuggling

HOARDERS and smugglers have the same vicious aims: to earn a lot of money the manner of getting it notwithstanding. Both are impelled by prevailing circumstances: the lack of supply vis-a-vis the growing demand causes prices to skyrocket, the smugglers rely on the authorities' complacency and ineptness to carry on the activities relentlessly.

Recent reports reveal that the Bureau of Customs has raided warehouses in several areas which were suspected of hoarding refined sugar and, true enough, thousands of sacks of this precious commodity were found. Charges should be filed against all those responsible for the hoarding and this should be treated as economic sabotage. Same goes to "white" onions which price also went sky high due to its lack of supply in the market.

Cannot the good President BBM do something to stop this malfeasance? I remember, he bragged that he will put to stop to this anomalous practice in his inaugural address. Then, why such temerity on the part of the hoarders?

Remember too the actuations of key officials of the Sugar Regulatory Board who second-guessed President BBM and undermined his plans to import refined sugar. Some shameless officials at SRA signed for his behalf in the importation order justifying their defiant act as the need to import is so urgent and did not have the courtesy and respect to wait for the President to sign the importation order himself. Magkano, papaano?

There would be other anomalies which will be unearthed soon. Some government officials think they could hoodwink the newbie President and his team and could pull off a fast one without being noticed.

* * *

Latest news reveal that the retail price of refined sugar has been pegged at P70.00 per kilo, from the previous high of P100-P110 per kilo in big supermarkets.

It's good that these large firms have adjusted their price ceilings in favor of households and other consumers. The rest of the basic and essential commodities, however, have yet to be adjusted in favor of daily consumers and cushion the impact of hiked gasoline and fuel prices. These are beyond the call of local producers since the world market has the last say on fuel prices. In the momentum, we must learn to adjust to the stiff costs of living.


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