Will prophesied chastisements, which some tend to summarize as the Apocalypse, happen and find completion within hours, or days, or a few months? Not so.

The Blessed Mother, in recent messages, referred to “long years of trials” ahead. And so she appealed to the faithful, including those converted only after being scared by dire prophecies, to hold on, persevere in their faith and good deeds.

And so perseverance is needed as we move through the trials of the coming years. There’s no room for “ningas cogon” or bursts of emotions that die off over time.

Our Lord Jesus Christ emphasized this to Judas Iscariot in their first meeting, as recounted by mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) in her writings (later compiled and titled by her supporters as Poem of Man-God) which were endorsed by no less than St. Padre Pio.

Valtorta (who is being pushed for sainthood) shared the following conversion between Our Lord and Judas during their first meeting wherein the latter identifies himself as Judas of Kerioth, a place in Judea which later evolved into the name Judas Iscariot. Here is the conversation as written by Valtorta (quote marks dispensed with- Ding):

Judas: We heard You the other evening...in the Temple. We looked for You in town. A man, who said he is a relative of Yours, told us You stay here.

Jesus: Why are you looking for Me?

Judas: To follow You, if You will allow us, because You have words of truth.

Jesus: Follow Me? But do you know where I am going?

Judas: No, Master, but certainly to glory.

Jesus: Yes. But not to a glory of this world . I am going to a glory which is in Heaven and is conquered by virtue and sacrifice. Why do you want to follow Me?

Judas: To take part in Your glory.

Jesus: According to Heaven?

Judas: Yes, according to Heaven.

Jesus: Not everybody is able to arrive there. Because Mammon lays more snares for those yearning for Heaven than for the others. And only he who has strong will power can resist. Why follow Me, if to follow Me implies a continuous struggle against the enemy, which is in us, against the hostile world, and against the Enemy who is Satan?

Judas: Because that is the desire of our souls, which have been conquered by You. You are holy and powerful. We want to be Your friends.

Jesus: Friends!!! (Jesus is silent and sighs. Then He stares at the one who has spoken all the time and who has now removed the mantle-hood from his head, and is bareheaded. He is Judas of Kerioth.)

Jesus: Who are you? You speak better than a man of the people.

Judas: I am Judas, the son of Simon. I come from Kerioth. But I am of the Temple. I am waiting for and dreaming of the King of the Jews. I heard You speak like a king. I saw Your kingly gestures. Take me with You.

Jesus: Take you? Now? At once? No.

Judas: Why not, Master?

Jesus: Because it is better to examine ourselves carefully before venturing on very steep roads.

Judas: Do You not believe I am sincere?

Jesus: You have said it. I believe in your impulsiveness. But I do not believe in your perseverance. Think about it, Judas. I am going away now and I will be back for Pentecost. If you are in the Temple, you will see Me. Examine yourself. (End of Valtorta’s account)

And so as we face dire prophecies being relayed to us by credible Catholic mystics, we must persevere in our faith and comprise the prayerful army of soldiers to usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart (as foretold in the Fatima apparitions) after the chastisements which (to quote prophecies) will change the earth as we know it. There will be some Judases with fleeting conversions as the trials roll on over “many years”, but others will persevere, to be sure.

Meanwhile, allow me to share another message of the Blessed Mother to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Sept. 9, 2022:

“Beloved children: I keep you hidden in every beat of my heart. Receive my blessings together with my constant assistance for the needs of each one of you and what you face in your daily walk.

“You are the People whom I received at the foot of the Cross of glory and majesty. Some of those children have gone and are going away from this People whom My Son gave Me: they live in debauchery and have joined the hordes of the Devil. My Divine Son suffers because of this and I call them to conversion.

“Children: The elite are gaining strength. The changes will not be long in coming; they are spreading throughout humanity and are not for the good of My children, nor for the good of their spiritual lives.

“Children: I call you to remain on alert. Stay within in the true Magisterium so that you would not stray from My Son. Do not stray from the Commandments, and be children who observe God’s Law.

“My children: Remain on alert. Remain on alert in every respect, for there are several centers of armed conflict on Earth, which will go from words to deeds. Humanity is living in danger due to modern armaments and arms unknown to humanity.

“Remain on alert. Look up: a heavenly body is approaching.

“Pray, My children, pray for China and Taiwan.

“Pray, My children, pray for Russia and Ukraine; pray, children - it is necessary.

“Pray, My children, pray for the United States: nature will make her suffer before men do.

“Pray, My children, pray for Argentina, communism has entered into this nation.

“My Son’s people are not aware that with conversion and prayer great battles are won. The mediocre Faith of some of My children prevents them from opening their hearts to My Son.

“At this moment I find people who are true refuges of consolation for My Son in the face of the sacrileges, offenses and acts of contempt committed against My Son.

“My children: Are you looking for refuges? Do you want to reach a physical refuge for the most crucial times?

Firstly be refuges where My Son rests and finds contentment at this time and in times to come. Be love. Be doers of God's Will.

“I love you and protect you. Do not fear, children, do not fear. I am with each one of you. I bless you.” (End of quote.)

I am also again sharing a commentary by Luz de Maria on the above message. Luz wrote:

“Brothers and Sisters: Our Blessed Mother, Sacred Tabernacle of Her Divine Son, assures us of His Love and His Defense.

“She warns us about the misuse of modern armaments and that which we still cannot imagine that man has built in order to do evil to his own kind. This is hard to digest, brothers and sisters: we are facing the misuse of science that is going to crush man himself.

“This is not something that is easily assimilated, which is why Our Mother calls us to conversion, to pray with the heart and to make an effort to keep our Faith growing constantly. Let us strive to be a little refuge where our beloved Lord can take shelter and can find a child who will give Him contentment. Amen.” (End of quote.)

In the recent months, even years, there have been raw video footage being posted on YouTube from all over the world showing a strange object, apparently a comet of some kind, consistently near the sun. Could these be hints on the prophecy above on an approaching heavenly body?